Posted: December 25, 2020
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Doom and Gloom Doc: Don’t Get Overly Optimistic About the Covid-19 Vaccine, We’re in For a “Decades-Long Battle”

What started out as a 15-day shutdown to flatten the curve has morphed into some states still calling for shutdowns 8 months later.

The USA had NEVER shut down for any disease, including the Smallpox Pandemic, 1877-1977, which killed an estimated 500 million people worldwide, but did over COVID-19, less than 300K deaths in the USA. Our government shut us down over a virus with a 99.98 percent recovery rate for overwise healthy Americans.

With the great news that 2 approved COVID vaccines are getting distributed nationwide, Americans should finally be able to turn on the news and be encouraged to have an awesome Christmas celebration, nope not too quickly. That would let people get out from under the tyrannical rule some states are enforcing on them.

A perfect example, MSNBC rolled out a doom and gloom doc on Christmas Eve, which warned Americans not to get overly optimistic about a Covid vaccine because we are in for a “decades-long battle.”

Dr. William Haseltine took the opportunity to promote his books on Covid while shooting down the expectations of people getting back to regular living anytime soon. “Dr. Narcisstic” demonstrated he doesn’t want Americans to forget about Covid, because he has books to sell.

“We need to follow the rules and we are not following the rules,” the doctor said as he warned people against “vaccine euphoria.”

“I think in the next few weeks that we have our own homegrown strains, and we have to start thinking about adjusting the vaccines. So this is probably going to be much more like a decades-long battle that we have with the flu than a once and done battle that we’ve had with polio,” he said.

“15 days to slow the spread” turned into “lockdown orders until we have a vaccine” to “even with a vaccine we need to wear masks and stay home for decades.”

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