Timeline of a Fake Memo About Packing Up Shows how DC Sets Their False Narratives to Hurt People and Get Power

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A story began circulating the day before Christmas Eve that someone on President Donald J. Trump’s executive team had sent a memo to the White House staff on how to pack up for Joe Biden to take over the White House. The memo appears to be a fake, and the fact that news outlets wrote about it all gives us an excellent opportunity to see how the left use the media to get power and hurt their political opponents.

The story of an unsourced memo was picked up by many Community Organizers and media activists:

Politico and the Washington Post had numerous editors promoting articles that are based on an unnamed source:

The Daily Caller posted a bizarre story that claimed White House Staffers got a mysterious memo from an unnamed person that was immediately tweeted out for the world to see by a far-left news source and then confirmed by two politicos who weren’t all that fond of Trump.  The story was that White House staffers had been told get started packing:

“The Trump administration circulated a set of instructions Tuesday evening to White House staff on how and when to pack up their offices ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration January 20 but then backtracked Wednesday morning, telling staff to await “updated” instructions.

“Please disregard the below message,” the follow-up email reads, according to The Washington Post. “Updated information will be shared in the coming days.”

Two White House officials, speaking anonymously as they had not been cleared to discuss the topic publicly, confirmed the about-face to Daily Caller.

“It’s just frustrating at this point,” one official said of the mixed messaging, while the second joked about counting down the days until Biden’s inauguration.

The original email — portions of which were first tweeted by CBS’ Weija Jiang Wednesday morning — directed White House staff to begin clearing out their offices the first full week of January, which included cleaning microwaves and refrigerators, returning all White House stationery and other supplies to the appropriate management offices and boxing up and removing all personal items from the White House grounds. The email specifically notes that staffers must bring their own boxes and containers to remove personal items.

Then the failing New York Times posted about the  memo story with the update from Trump saying to disregard the original unsourced memo, as a way of getting the original story of the memo by an unnamed person into the news stream: 

Then the left-leaning CBS News reported what sounds like something that could endanger our national security, broadcasting that our White House is not secure, in their rush to discredit Trump:

Jiang wrote, in what appears to be a fake memo, trying to be funny,” Despite Trump’s fight to stay, last night White House staff received a detailed email from his exec. office with directions on the departing process. Employees will start leaving the week of 01/04. Note addresses everything from cleaning microwaves to ethics debriefing. One more note: WH sources say the senior staff isn’t even showing up anymore, one explanation for why Sidney Powell can come and go as she pleases. Some employees have already started other jobs. And if there was any illusion about a Hail Mary, last night’s email intercepted.”

The Memo is very elaborate, but still has no source, other than being from the “executive team”, which means the Media can’t verify the memo, OR they know who sent it and know it is fake.

Then came the narrative that Trump is somehow crazy, or unhinged:

“Trump had a fit so they sent out a memo wink wink 😉 hold off on packing LOL ‘Emptying Your Desk And Cabinets’: White House Staff Receives Email About Moving Out As Trump Digs In”

That is what the power-seekers in and around DC believe is the purpose of our news press and media, to propagandize information. It appears to be somewhat of a fun game for them.

There is no proof that the memo is real or that any of the other people who go on the record without their names are real. In fact, it is not clear that these people are reporting anything at all that is real, ever.

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