Here are the Republicans who Voted Against Trump and Their Phone Numbers

Posted by on December 29, 2020 3:03 pm
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Our Civil Servants in the US House voted on Monday night to override a Presidential Veto, give themselves massive power and cash, and resisting Trump’s agenda from going into effect.

On Monday was a vote to override Trump’s veto of a massive Military Bill.

Republican from North Carolina, Ted Budd posted on Monday:

Surprisingly members of the far left -radical “squad” voted to support the President joined with Democrat Populists who broke with their party.

Republicans voted against Trump in a massive betrayal to the American people. Here are the numbers:

Roll Call 253 | Bill Number: H. R. 639

DEC 28, 2020, 07:05 PM | 116TH CONGRESS, 2ND SESSION

Vote Question: On Passage, Objections of the President to the Contrary Notwithstanding

William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act

Vote Type: 2/3 Yea-And-Nay

Status: Passed VOTES

 Yea: 322

Nay: 87

Present: 0

Not Voting: 21


Blumenauer Democratic Oregon NAY
Bonamici Democratic Oregon NAY
Clarke (NY) Democratic New York NAY
DeSaulnier Democratic California NAY
Espaillat Democratic New York NAY
Gabbard Democratic Hawaii NAY
García (IL) Democratic Illinois NAY
Gomez Democratic California NAY
Huffman Democratic California NAY
Jayapal Democratic Washington NAY
Kennedy Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Khanna Democratic California NAY
Lee (CA) Democratic California NAY
McGovern Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Meng Democratic New York NAY
Ocasio-Cortez Democratic New York NAY
Omar Democratic Minnesota NAY
Pocan Democratic Wisconsin NAY
Pressley Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Tlaib Democratic Michigan NAY


Aderholt Republican Alabama YEA
Amodei Republican Nevada YEA
Armstrong Republican North Dakota YEA
Bacon Republican Nebraska YEA
Baird Republican Indiana YEA
Balderson Republican Ohio YEA
Banks Republican Indiana YEA
Bergman Republican Michigan YEA
Bost Republican Illinois YEA
Brady Republican Texas YEA
Brooks (AL) Republican Alabama YEA
Brooks (IN) Republican Indiana YEA
Buchanan Republican Florida YEA
Bucshon Republican Indiana YEA
Byrne Republican Alabama YEA
Calvert Republican California YEA
Carter (GA) Republican Georgia YEA
Chabot Republican Ohio YEA
Cheney Republican Wyoming YEA
Cole Republican Oklahoma YEA
Conaway Republican Texas YEA
Crawford Republican Arkansas YEA
Crenshaw Republican Texas YEA
Curtis Republican Utah YEA
Davis, Rodney Republican Illinois YEA
Ferguson Republican Georgia YEA
Fitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania YEA
Fleischmann Republican Tennessee YEA
Flores Republican Texas YEA
Foxx (NC) Republican North Carolina YEA
Gallagher Republican Wisconsin YEA
Garcia (CA) Republican California YEA
Gianforte Republican Montana YEA
Gibbs Republican Ohio YEA
Gonzalez (OH) Republican Ohio YEA
Granger Republican Texas YEA
Graves (LA) Republican Louisiana YEA
Graves (MO) Republican Missouri YEA
Green (TN) Republican Tennessee YEA
Guest Republican Mississippi YEA
Guthrie Republican Kentucky YEA
Hartzler Republican Missouri YEA
Herrera Beutler Republican Washington YEA
Hill (AR) Republican Arkansas YEA
Holding Republican North Carolina YEA
Hudson Republican North Carolina YEA
Huizenga Republican Michigan YEA
Hurd (TX) Republican Texas YEA
Johnson (LA) Republican Louisiana YEA
Johnson (OH) Republican Ohio YEA
Johnson (SD) Republican South Dakota YEA
Joyce (OH) Republican Ohio YEA
Katko Republican New York YEA
Keller Republican Pennsylvania YEA
Kelly (MS) Republican Mississippi YEA
Kelly (PA) Republican Pennsylvania YEA
King (NY) Republican New York YEA
Kinzinger Republican Illinois YEA
Kustoff (TN) Republican Tennessee YEA
LaHood Republican Illinois YEA
Lamborn Republican Colorado YEA
Latta Republican Ohio YEA
Lucas Republican Oklahoma YEA
Luetkemeyer Republican Missouri YEA
McCaul Republican Texas YEA
McHenry Republican North Carolina YEA
Meuser Republican Pennsylvania YEA
Moolenaar Republican Michigan YEA
Murphy (NC) Republican North Carolina YEA
Newhouse Republican Washington YEA
Olson Republican Texas YEA
Palazzo Republican Mississippi YEA
Riggleman Republican Virginia YEA
Roby Republican Alabama YEA
Rodgers (WA) Republican Washington YEA
Rogers (AL) Republican Alabama YEA
Rogers (KY) Republican Kentucky YEA
Rooney (FL) Republican Florida YEA
Rouzer Republican North Carolina YEA
Rutherford Republican Florida YEA
Scott, Austin Republican Georgia YEA
Shimkus Republican Illinois YEA
Simpson Republican Idaho YEA
Smith (NJ) Republican New Jersey YEA
Spano Republican Florida YEA
Stauber Republican Minnesota YEA
Stefanik Republican New York YEA
Stewart Republican Utah YEA
Stivers Republican Ohio YEA
Taylor Republican Texas YEA
Thompson (PA) Republican Pennsylvania YEA
Thornberry Republican Texas YEA
Timmons Republican South Carolina YEA
Tipton Republican Colorado YEA
Turner Republican Ohio YEA
Upton Republican Michigan YEA
Wagner Republican Missouri YEA
Walberg Republican Michigan YEA
Walden Republican Oregon YEA
Walorski Republican Indiana YEA
Waltz Republican Florida YEA
Webster (FL) Republican Florida YEA
Wenstrup Republican Ohio YEA
Williams Republican Texas YEA
Wilson (SC) Republican South Carolina YEA
Wittman Republican Virginia YEA
Womack Republican Arkansas YEA
Woodall Republican Georgia YEA
Young Republican Alaska YEA

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