Posted: January 1, 2021
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GA: Reports That Ballots are Being Moved That were to Be Audited Monday

A group of  Georgia citizens asked a Fulton County Superior Court for access to election ballots from the 2020 Presidential election, to visually and forensically examine all ballots using technology that was created by and outlined by Jovan Pulitzer and presented at a hearing on Wednesday for a GA Senate subcommittee on Voter Fraud.

The surprising thing is that the audit of ballots will happen in Fulton County, where numerous irregularities happened, and no one has previously had access to investigate irregularities.

When he saw spikes of numbers being added to the numbers and saw strange behavior, Pulitzer created technology to do a forensic scan to test the paper and ink on the ballots.  He said he wanted to check the folds on the ballots because he said, ” all of these ballots have unique IDs fake lines, and they can be easily decoded. ”

It was announced Thursday that the group had been granted the opportunity to audit the ballots.

“Breaking…GA GOP state sen. Just granted a hearing Mon. 1-4 at 11 am on Emergency Petition to visually inspect and forensically examine all Fulton County mail-in ballots That include those processed at State Farm Arena and those that auditors detected as potentially fraudulent,” John Frederick posted on Twitter.

Pulitizer commented on a podcast Thursday that the hearing prospects didn’t look so great,  as reported by The Gateway Pundit:

“Pulitzer told Monica Matthews that as soon as he was tasked with auditing the Fulton County ballots, trucks pulled up to the facility, and the ballots were being loaded into the trucks and were being shredded.”

Pulitzer made the comments on a recent podcast:

Jovan Pulitzer: I’d like your permission of you and your fine audience that as I answer you that I have your permission to piss you off… The very minute that order went through and that order was followed, and all the legal notices were done, it didn’t even take four hours later where moving trucks with this stuff was backed up to those buildings trying to get rid of the evidence.

NTD confirmed there is a hearing set for Monday, January 4th, to examine the ballots.


What activists are concerned about, specifically in the State Farm Arena as mentioned in the above video, where poll workers were caught on video counting ballots under suspicious conditions where ballots were taken out from under tables and counted without any Republican Poll Watchers:

Secretary of State, Raffensburger, did an audit of ballots after President Donald J. Trump put pressure on the state elected leaders. However, he chose to audit a country that many people believe he knew he would not find any problems. Cobb County is a strong Republican county, where activists wanted audits in Fulton County, so Monday’s hearing is anticipated to find different results than what was found in Cobb County.

John Fredericks talked to GA Senator Ligon about the process of getting the hearing by a group of citizens and activists. Fredericks haars been on the ground in Georgia and has brought the details of all of the activism and hearing in Georgia, and on show, Ligon said that there is a great deal of concern with his peers over the fraud they are seeing.

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