VIDEO: Pallets of FAKE BALLOTS FILMED in Georgia’s Fulton County Were Identified & Documented Before Being Shredded

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The former CEO of, Patrick Bryne, has been popping up in the Oval Office in meetings with the president and all over Twitter talking about election fraud and fake ballots a lot recently.

In December Bryne told Infowars’ Owen Shroyer that he was in a meeting in the Oval Office where he and General Flynn were 2 of the only people backing Trump up and telling him not to concede the election on account of fraud.

In the bombshell interview, Bryne suggested that most of the people around Trump in the White House are black hats and actively working against the president and his fight to ensure the rightful winner of the 2020 election is seated as POTUS come Jan 20th.

What struck me most about the interview was the lack of respect for Trump from his underlings that Bryne described.  To be honest, I was a little skeptical … that is until moments ago.

I just got off the phone with a source who said that they were able to confirm Bryne’s testimony through two additional individuals who were in the same meeting.  Prior to the conformation I was not sure if I trusted Bryne, only because the story he tells is so over the top.  Regardless, the story has now been confirmed by 3 sources.

Bryne has been been using Twitter to send out teasers about new bombshells that he plans to drop, indicating that they must all be filtered though, and given the green light by lawyers.

Well, I guess the suits had their way with the information and signed off on its release because the former CEO just dropped a half dozen devastating tweets, in the form of pictures which throw the entire election into question.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting: ‘The counterfeit Fulton County Georgia ballots recorded in the 2020 election were identified before the corrupt gang of Georgia officials picked them up and shredded them. 

Samples were also taken. 

The Georgia election gang has some major explaining to do.

Patrick Byrne, Founder of and now member of the Trump team who is attempting to prove the massive fraud across the country released some shocking news moments ago in a series of tweets.’

In the first of the series of tweets, Byrnes writes:

BIG NEWS: COUNTERFEIT FULTON COUNTY GEORGIA BALLOTS. On a tip, our operative entered the Fulton County (Atlanta) Warehouse and took this series of photos: THESE ARE FAKE BALLOTS (note the quantity)

The GWP explains: ‘It should be noted: These photos of the ballots were posted earlier last month from inside the same warehouse.

Here are some more pics of the ballots:’

There must be thousands upon thousands of ballots in this image alone …

Here is a sample of the ballots:

Bryne then went on to make the most incredible allegation of all … ‘Rented Enterprise moving vans pulled up to the warehouse and began loading up.’ …

Then he shakes the nation by stating ‘ I WILL POST THAT VIDEO PROMPTLY’:

We are expecting to see the video live on Twitter any moment now:

More… This is important. Patrick Byrne with Jovan Pulitzer the man leading the way in working to ensure the election results were not fraudulent.

As usual, just when you think Trump is down and out, he pulls another ace out of his suit jacket.  Don’t count The Donald out yet.  Yes, he may have some flaws, as we all do, however, he is perhaps the one man with the balls to stand up to the global power structure and refuse to back down, no matter the cost.

Needless to say, things are about to get VERY interesting … stay tuned for more!

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