Warning: What Communists are Doing in Hong Kong Threatens Evangelicals

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Reduced religious liberty in Hong Kong should concern Americans because America and Hing Kong share a common foe: Communist China.

Greg Torode wrote for Reuters in his article, Nuns arrested as Beijing turns up heat on Church in Hong Kong:

“Senior clerics see the arrests as a sign China wants to shut the unofficial Vatican mission in Hong Kong, where the two nuns work. As Beijing tightens control of the city, the local diocese has also moved to rein in pro-democracy voices in its flock.”

Torode reported on two surprising arrests and tied them together with an overall sense of gloom in Hong Kong with increasing Communist control over the country.

“In May, two Chinese nuns who work at the mission were arrested by mainland authorities during a visit home to Hebei province, according to three Catholic clerics with knowledge of the matter. The nuns, in their 40s, were detained for three weeks before being released into house arrest without being charged. They are forbidden to leave the mainland, according to one of the clerics. Meanwhile, Western diplomats say, Chinese security agents have stepped up surveillance of the mission in recent months.

The arrests, which haven’t been previously reported, are viewed by top clerics here and in the Vatican as a sign Beijing wants the mission shut. It lacks official standing because the Holy See and China haven’t established formal diplomatic ties. While priests are sometimes arrested on the mainland, “it is highly unusual for nuns to be detained,” said another of the clerics, who has long-time contacts on the mainland. “Normally they are left alone.”

The pressure is also being felt at the heart of the Church in Hong Kong, by the leadership of the large local diocese.”

Democrat Governors in the Democrat States especially has taken a page from the Communists in controlling the church.

Since the Pandemic shut down most Christian Churches in the United States, by force, under restrictions about crowd sizes, Americans are seeing the Government taking control of American churches.

During the first week of December, a Pastor was fined for being opened.

NBC News reported:

“A northern California church and its pastor were found in contempt Tuesday for repeatedly defying a court order to stop holding unmasked indoor gatherings and violating Covid-19 health orders, officials said.

“I respect the judge, I understand what the laws are, but there’s a bigger law,” Mike McClure, head pastor of Calvary Chapel San Jose, said, according to video from NBC Bay Area. The church was fined around $55,000, the station reported.

The Santa Clara County district attorney and the county counsel sued in October after they said the church had been holding indoor services involving hundreds of people not wearing masks, in violation of health orders aimed at slowing the spread of the deadly disease.

In early November a court granted a temporary restraining order, and both the church and McClure repeatedly violated it, the county said in a statement.

Santa Clara County Counsel James R. Williams said in a statement that the church is putting the whole community at risk.”

Arresting Pastors is still a debatable practice in the United States, fortunately, unlike Hong Kong, which serves as a warning for the United States of what will happen without vigilance.

Tanner DiBella, President of The American Council for Evangelicals. Communications Director for Destiny Church wrote in a piece for Medium some ideas for Americans to think about:

Does the Church have a legal right to gather in the midst of a pandemic?


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