RINO Seeking To Cover Up Election Fraud Exposed By Senator Hawley

Posted by on January 3, 2021 5:18 pm
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It is one thing when an openly biased site opinion like ours raises concerns about what we believe there were inconsistencies in the 2020 election that merit further investigation.  It is an entirely different thing when multiple members of the United States Senate raise the same concerns.

Despite Big Tech and the MSM’s best efforts to censor any discussion of the evidence that has been floating around which points to potential F—- in the 2020 contest between Biden and Trump, sites like the Gateway Pundit and the handful of other conservative sites that have survived the culling of any and all speech counter to the left wing narrative, have been pumping out video after video, picture after picture, statistical analysis after statistical analysis and testimony after testimony which are cause for grave concern.

As expected, Mitch McConnell and the establishment owned ‘Republicans’ who have made a lucrative career out of ‘serving’ (more like servicing) the American people do not want to talk about these glaring irregularities.

One would think that if half the country has concerns about the legitimacy of the election, it would be in EVERYONE’s best interests to hear the case and either prove the election was in deed on the level, or in the worst case scenario, correct the mistakes that were made.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri was the first Senator to express his intention to contest the swearing in of Biden electors.  Soon after, Senator Cruz and about a dozen additional Senators also voiced their concerns and a desire for an audit of the results.

Now, the RINO wing is attacking Hawley and Haley is fighting back.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

Senator Josh Hawley responds to accusations from ‘Republican’ Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania suggesting they meet on the Senate floor for a debate on 2020 election fraud.

Last night Senator Hawley responded to left leaning Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey. Hawley challenged him to a debate on the Senate floor. Hawley knows more about election fraud in Toomey’s state than Toomey does.

This was reported in a tweet:

Here is Josh’s letter to Toomey:

The odds of Toomey accepting this invitation are less than nil.  This is Toomey’s chance to put the issue to rest, once and for all, that is if he decides to take Hawley up on his invitation.   If Toomey does not debate Hawley, I would say that speaks volumes about his level of confidence in the results of the election … but hey, what do I know, right?

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