McConnell & Pelosi Team Up To **** Trump & Complete Rigging of 2020 Election

Posted by on January 4, 2021 11:33 pm
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You didn’t really think that Mitch McConnell, the RINO King of the Senate was really interesting in fairly adjudicating the glaring anomolies, and what appears to be countless cases of fraud, did you?

Well, if you had Mitch saving the Republic on your scorecard … you can write that box off as a loss.

Republicans teamed up with Democrats to approve rules without recorded voters according to the Gateway Pundit.  The Sunday night vote outlined the guidelines for just how the two chambers of the legislature intend to go about addressing the claims and evidence of massive voter fraud.

Zero hedge reports:

‘The House of Representatives and the Senate on Sunday adopted rules that outline how the counting of Electoral College votes will take place on Jan. 6.

The rules were passed without recorded votes. Instead, a voice vote was used in both chambers.

The guidance, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), says the chambers will meet in a joint session on Jan. 6 presided over by Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence, as president of the Senate, will open “all the certificates and papers purporting to be certificates of the electoral votes,” the rules state, a nod to how seven states sent so-called competing electors, or certificates for both Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, to Washington.

The certificates and papers will be opened, presented, and acted upon in alphabetical order, starting with Alabama.

This is when dozens of Republicans—50 representatives and 12 senators, according to an Epoch Times tally—are planning to object to some certificates, alleging election irregularities including voter fraud and failure to follow state election laws.

That will trigger a withdrawal from the joint session and a two-hour debate, followed by votes in each chamber. Only with a majority vote from both the House and the Senate would a challenge be upheld, which even supporters find unlikely, considering Democrats who control the House and Senate Republican leadership, including McConnell, have expressed disapproval with the plan to object.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a letter to colleagues on Sunday noted that objections can happen but said, at the end of the day, Biden “will be officially declared the next president.”’

HOWEVER, according to one commenter over at, at The Consesrvative Treehouse, by wildsailor2008 claimed that:

…The majority has to be in both houses according to these traitorous rules. 55 Representatives and 11 Senators is not enough. However, that does not mean it will fail. According to the prior situations and the results/outcomes of prior elections (1800 election and 1887 act) it is really up to the ‘President of the Senate’ which should be VP Pence. He has the authority to decide to accept both packages of electors, none at all from the disputed States, or pick and choose what he decides to count for the final tally. It is going to be a complete show for sure!

If you thought 2020 was bad, 2021 is proving to be even more of a s*** show.  Just in case there was still a single solitary soul who had faith in the government, this move should do the trick in removing any and all confidence in the swamp creature known as the USG

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