Left Wing Mob Attacks Sen Hawley’s Baby & Wife At Their Home

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Before we begin, let me ask you one question: When is the last time you saw a group of conservatives storm the house of … anyone for that matter, and threaten the wife and newborn baby of a political adversary seeking election transparency?

Yes, that’s right, I do not remember either.  This intimidation tactic has been a hallmark of radical leftist fascists and communists throughout history and it should come as no surprise that the American left is now deploying these terror tactics on sitting United States Senators.  Apparently without consequence.

When the mob when after Hawley’s home, of course his wife and newborn baby were there alone.  You wouldn’t expect this crowd to have any decency would you?

They have all been wound up by the fake news media and convinced that anyone who disagrees with them is a literal Nazi and that any action taken to stop their political opposition is virtuous, even violence.  I do not need to explain to you how wrong and dangerous this is.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft writes:

‘This is the modern-day Democrat Party.
Their fake news media will, no doubt, ignore this latest attack on a mother and her baby!

Senator Hawley tweeted this on Monday night.’

‘The Violent Democrats left signs warning Senator Hawley to NOT CHALLENGE Joe Biden’s [allegedly questionable] vote totals.

This came after Senator Hawley last week announced he will object to the electoral college certification process this week.

Democrats are so sure of their election results that they threaten anyone, including mothers and babies, who stand in their way to power!’

Never mind standing in their way of power, how about those just seeking to investigate the alleged theft of an election?  If everything was on the up and up what is there to be worried about?

‘Melissa (she-her)’ tweeted out photos.

The group of cowards have so little fear for repercussions from their actions ( I wonder why that could be) that they posted this too:

Make no mistake we are fighting (politically) for the very soul of our nation.  This is not right vs left this is right vs death.

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