Breaking GOP Refuses to Seat Democrat Senator, Chaos Ensues

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Never before in my lifetime have I witnessed our great country so divided.

Ever since the Obama years the Democrat party has moved so far to the left that the CCP must get jealous sometimes.

For a long time the GOP was filled with spineless cowards who slowly sold our nation out to special interests just like their Democrat brethren.  This resulted, first in the Tea Party and ultimately in the election of Donald Trump.

President Trump’s refusal to bend over and grab his ankles as the Dems and RINOs sold our country out to the highest bidder (seemingly most often to be China) has resulted in attempt after attempt to remove Trump from power.

The country feels like it is now at a breaking point as we see the Constitution being pulled to what we fear may be a breaking point.

The issue is not happening in DC, but on the local state level too.  This story comes to us from Pennsylvania, one of the states which President Trump and his allies argue has some voting irregularities which need to be adjudicated.  Republicans currently hold 56% of the 50 Senate seats in the swing state.

Fox News is reporting:

‘The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on the contested votes in November.

Pennsylvania lawmakers are feuding after Republicans refused to seat Democratic Sen. Jim Brewster of Allegheny County, whose win is being contested over a small number of undated ballots.

According to KDKA, the CBS affiliated TV station in Pittsburgh, the state’s Senate descended into “chaos,” with Democrats protesting and shouting over the decision. Republicans also voted for a motion to recognize every other election besides Brewster’s and to remove the state’s Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman as the body’s presiding officer.

John Fetterman, who insisted on seating Brewster, reportedly responded by exclaiming, “We’re at a dangerous time in this country.”

Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent quoted Fetterman as saying: “One party is ignoring court rulings and election results. If the results don’t match what they like, they do their level best to subvert them.”

Reflecting a nationwide trend, Republicans in the state sought to invalidate ballots that omitted a handwritten date. Brewster’s Republican challenger Nicole Ziccarelli lost by 69 votes in state-certified results. Zicarelli has argued that without 311 contested mail-in ballots, she would win by 24 votes.

The state Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision, ruled in November that it would not apply a handwritten date requirement in the just-finished election, and said the lack of a handwritten date is not a compelling enough reason to throw out the ballot of an eligible voter. In doing so, it dismissed Ziccarelli’s arguments.’

You can cut the tension with a knife in this country right now.  If you ask me, I think it’s time we dissolved the Union and broke up in 4 or more sub-states.  America is made up of nearly 400,000,000 people, way too many for any government to act in the interests of all the people all the time.

A peaceful break would be far better then the worst case scenario which we all pray will never happen …

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