Iranian Journalist Exposes Iran’s Corrupt Influence in US Elections

Posted by on January 6, 2021 6:03 pm

Heshmat Alavi is an Iranian journalist who says he covers stories the mainstream media won’t cover. He specializes in exposing the ties that Iran has used to corrupt their influence upon American politics.

On Tuesday, he reacted to President Donald J. Trump’s tweet about fraudulent electors. He took the opportunity to discuss Iran’s regime that he claims has been meddling in the US elections.

Here is his important thread:

Alavi starts with a flashback to DNI Ratcliff’s announcement that there had been foreign interference in the US election before the last day of voting and posted a link to Catherine Herridge discussing that announcement.

Here Alavi links to the formal announcement and offers his professional expertise on foreign lobby power and how that specifically compromises our elected civil servants.

Alavi, from his professional experience, understands the complexities of the different groups established in Iran.

Here is his investigation of emails with great details. Please visit his timeline on Twitter.

Alavi goes into great detail in the thread and exposes many infiltrations and complex relationships between lawmakers and foreign influences upon them, and Iran’s attempts to influence US elections unduly. The link below leads to a highly recommended reading:

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