Progressive Communists Do Victory Lap in Final Cultural Marxist Push For Control, Give us “Pariah” Status

Posted by on January 6, 2021 6:03 pm

Of the most dangerous lies the left tells are the ones they tell themselves, and the mythology that a vast majority of Americas are progressive (I call them progressive Communists) is a lie that has been developed through the use of tactics for dominance and control, called Cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism tells Patriotic Americans, Liberty lovers, Christians, spiritual people that they are social outcasts and social pariahs for their personal beliefs, that no one wants them around.

I have a serious question. Why does no one discuss #CulturalMarism and the subversion of the United States?” Steve Deace asked. “soon all of us any good at calling BS on this Leftist, pagan regressivism will be banished from everywhere else,” Deace said

The answer is because the left, who have perfected the use of Communist/ Maoist tactics to control people with shame and humiliation,” and have said that “Cultural Marxism” is a conspiracy theory.  The left uses Institutions, such as entertainment, Hospitals, Sports, News Media, Schools to push Marxism, which is:

Marxism is a method of socioeconomic analysis that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, better known as historical materialism, to understand class relations and social conflict as well as a dialectical perspective to view social transformation. ”

In other words, it is about agitating people to do what the power elite want them to do by agitating them over class struggles and causing people to believe they are victims and need social justice.  The tactics are highly effective and have led to the Republic’s demise mostly because Conservative Americans do believe in debate and compromise and don’t want to talk about the dangerous tactics of the left.

And that complacency has been used against us. If you debate with the left, they will attack like a skilled surgeon because they have been trained to do that with tactics like found in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Consider the following post where a social media influencer has further pushed the false information that progressives make up a majority of Americans, therefore everyone should agree with them and let them have their way:

Cultural Marxism relies heavily upon their control of the media, all forms of the media, to promote the foundation that progressives are rightfully in power because they outnumber everyone else. That is the foundation of their push to label everything “democracy”.

But we are not a rule by mob, a small mob, we are a Republic, which is infuriating by foreign powers who would love to own America.

Think of this article by Daniel Pipes for the Middle East Forum:

Welcome, Conservatives, to Pariah Status

Conservatives did not realize how good they had it in the twentieth century. Now, the walls are closing in on them.

To appreciate this change, consider five venerable and prestigious institutions selected by the father-son team of Leonard and Mark Silk in their 1980 book, The American Establishment: Harvard University (founded in 1636), the New York Times (1851), the Brookings Institution (1916), the Council on Foreign Relations (1921), and the Ford Foundation (1936).

Already, forty years ago, all five favored Democrats, progressivism, social experimentation, high taxes, and change. Back then, Harvard hired outspoken conservatives to teach, the Times often published them, Brookings included them in events, the CFR invited them to chair meetings, and Ford funded them. I know, because I personally did all that. Back then, liberals had passionate and acerbic differences with conservatives, but they no more imagined canceling conservatives than twenty-first-century conservatives imagine canceling liberals.”

Consider this elite Ivy League inspired attack on Americans by Allen Mendenhall:

“Samuel Moyn, a Yale law professor, recently asked, “What is ‘cultural Marxism?’” His answer: “Nothing of the kind actually exists.” Moyn attributes the term cultural Marxism to the “runaway alt-right imagination,” claiming that it implicates zany conspiracy theories and has been “percolating for years through global sewers of hatred.”

Alexander Zubatov, an attorney, writing in Tabletcountered that the “somewhat unclear and contested” term cultural Marxism “has been in circulation for over forty years.” Moreover, “perfectly respectable uses outside the dark, dank silos of the far right.” He concluded that cultural Marxism is neither a “conspiracy” nor a “mere right-wing ‘phantasmagoria,’” but a “coherent intellectual program, a constellation of dangerous ideas.”

Very lofty, so Harvard and Yale are calling Americans, who want to retain their well-established and hard-won civil liberties: pariahs and conspiracy kooks.

Over what?  Mostly over Americans love small business and free enterprise. Freedom to make and keep our own money.  Remember, it is all about the money and who has it.

So we are keeping with the original intent of the country’s founding, which makes us naughty to those who want to control us.

Consider this: The definition of abuse is: “use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse” to debase a person’s pride. Isn’t that what the left does?  Don’t they shame and humiliate people?  The country suffers from Post Traumatic Stress from the dominance and control of a vicious and greedy minority.

Isn’t that an easy way to get hundreds of millions of people to hide away and not be counted?


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