“This Could go a lot of Different Ways”, Rudy Wants You To Watch This Before Tomorrow

Posted by on January 6, 2021 6:03 am

Rudy Giuliani, attorney for President Donald J. Trump, released a video on Tuesday, the day before there will be an intense public interest in the Electoral College when the US House and US Senate meets to count votes from electors.  Giuliani talked about the options Trump will have to contest the election results based on Voter Fraud.

There are expected to be at least 6 states that will see challenges to Joe Biden being seated as the next US President.

“These are complex options, we will see what happens,” Giuliani said.

“There is substantial evidence in each one of the cases we will bring up.  There were numerous tactics used and we will show that evidence.”

“Arizona will be up first because we go in alphabetical order,” Giuliani said in the video.

The following is a partial transcript of the video:

We have examined 22 machines and votes were changed from Trump to Biden. The disputes are of a magnitude that would change the results of the election if the fraudulent votes were discounted recognized.

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Mexico have two sets of electors, and both have been sent to the President of the Senate, which is Vice President Mike Pence.

The Objection will be raised by one member of the House and one member of the Senate. But there are problems before we get there, The electoral coun Act has not been challenged and has serious problems, Pence will have to decide what to do and it will go that way for each state.

If there is an objection on Georga, then there will be a debate.  There may discussion on other states too. Those at the states that we have substantial evidence of workers being excluded with secret counting

The evidence is very, very powerful, and could lead to changes.  Then when that is all done then you can determine the electoral votes, and who has 270 votes.

That is if you follow the counting act, if you don’t follow that then the US constitution says that everything breaks down and House goes back to the House and the Senate go back to the Senate. The House picks the PResident and the Senate picks the Vice President. And each state gets one vote.

The Constitution says that each state gets one vote. The Republicans have in the new congress has 26 Republican to 23 Democrats and one is a tie.

If they vote by party line then if goes to Trump easily, but they don’t have to vote that way, but Trump goes in with the advantage.  That is following the Electoral Vote Act.  The problem is that from the time it was passed it and it has not been used.

Scholars significantly say that the Act is unconstitutional because it changes the balance of power in Congress and in the States, and the Constutitiaonl gives the power to the State Legislatures. There is nothing in the act that says that anyone should share their power. The act took it away and gave to others.

Go to the 12th amendment, and the person in charge is the President and the Vice President and the Constitution simply says that the ballots shall be open and counted. It doesn’t say who counts them.

The tradition was that the Vice President counted the Electoral College ballots, but the US Constitution doesn’t say that.

Remember the election of 1800 and Jefferson and Burr were tied and Burr was supposed to defer and the law said that he had an equal right to the presidency. There was a case in the State of Georgia and were elected to Jefferson and there was a dispute and they should be given to a different candidate so it went to the President of the Senate.

The Vice President at the time was Jefferson, and he chose himself.

Then it is sent to the House of Representatives and back to the Senate. Remember each state has one vote.

I hope this helps make sense of what we are going to see tomorrow.

Then it goes to the Supreme Court. Don’t be surprised if it ends up in the Supreme Court.  Some people will be surprised about it going that far because people don’t understand the seriousness of the charges that we have and the evidence we have.



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