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BREAKING: General Flynn Has Been Kicked Off Twitter

General Mike Flynn has been suspended from Twitter.

The suspension appears to be permanent.

Gen. Flynn is the latest in what appears to be a massive purge of Trump supporters from the platform.

“America fought a good fight. Our great Country is resilient & we will get thru this difficult time. Acting responsibly at this moment is what all Americans must do. During the past 4 tough years, I found faith, family and true friends were my foundation. God Bless America,” Flynn wrote on Parler on Friday.

The purge is hitting both small accounts and those of his prominent supporters and allies. They seem to be targeting just about anyone who questions the 2020 election results.

Stop the Steal organizers Michael Coudrey and Ali Alexander were both banned the evening of the protest on the Capitol. Lin Wood was kicked off the next day.

The platform temporarily suspended President Donald Trump himself the day of the Capitol protest and has threatened to ban his account permanently in the future.

Gen. Flynn can be found on Parler here.

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Just in case you did not see our earlier article showing the FBI raiding the home of a Virginia lawmaker who was part of the crowd that rushed the Capitol building this week, here is a LINK TO THAT STORY & THE VIDEO.

It appears that Virginia State Lawmaker Kohl was not the only GOP representative to be raided by the FBI today.  Apparently the FBI is now interested in prosecuting crimes again.

Local affiliate WREG is reporting:

‘NASHVILLE, Tenn. — U.S. Attorney’s Office of Middle Tennessee confirmed FBI agents are searching the homes and offices of state lawmakers in Nashville.

Spokesperson David Boling confirmed the searches include the homes of former House Speaker Glen Casada and Rep. Robin Smith. He declined to provide any further comments at this time regarding the nature of the investigation.

On Friday, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee told reporters he had spoken with Casada, calling them “FBI raids.” He wouldn’t go into detail on that conversation.’

There is a lot of speculation going around as to the reason of the raid, yet no one seems certain what it was in reference to.

The current Speaker of the House, Mr. Cameron Sexton, has distributed the following statement:

“Since becoming Speaker, I have been contacted by federal authorities regarding an ongoing investigation related to the former speaker’s office.

I have been, and I will continue to be in full cooperation with the authorities as their investigation continues.

On the advice of both Ethics and Legal Counsel, I am placing everyone that was subject to the execution of today’s search warrants on administrative leave until further notice.”

A video of part of the operation was posted to Twitter:

WREG went on to explain:

‘About an hour after agents arrived at the homes, The Tennessean reported at least five agents made their way into the Tennessee legislator building holding boxes. One of the agents was reportedly overheard saying they were executing a search warrant.

A FBI spokesperson directed the news agency to contact U.S. Attorney Don Cochran’s office when asked for an official statement on what was going on. A spokesperson for Cochran acknowledged the agents were in the building, but said they could not comment at this time.

Then Tennessean reported agents were spotted outside the offices of former House Speaker Glen Casada, Rep. Robin Smith and Rep. Kent Calfee.’

Given the concerns about Stalinist purges once the Democrats seize control of the House, Senate and Presidency, these videos have been met with much concern from those of us on the right.

Let us pray that these actions are based on actual crimes and not another set up like President Trump has to endure for the first 3 years of his term.

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