Flight Attendent Union Want pro-Trump Protestor Barred From Flights Over Romney Taunts

Posted by on January 8, 2021 3:03 am

A group of Trump supporters allegedly mocked Republican Senator Mitt Romney while on a flight to Washington DC, to attend a rally in support of President Donald J. Trump. As a punishment, the Flight Attendant Union wants to bar the Trump supporters from getting home on their return flight.

Airlines are using the US Capital events as their cover for “avoiding violence,” to deny the passengers their return home.

According to CNBC News, the Flight Attendants recently met to discuss:

  • Flight attendants raised concerns about politically motivated disruptions on board.
  • Unruly passengers could be fined $25,000.

According to a recent article, “The country’s largest flight attendant unions on Wednesday expressed safety concerns over politically motivated disruptions on flights after [alleged]  pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol building, demanding that the results of the presidential election be overturned,” they wrote.

“The unions’ comments came after at least two on-board disruptions on Washington D.C.-bound flights, including a Delta Air Lines flight carrying Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, during which some passengers chanted “traitor.” Delta said it was aware of the incident and that “our crew quickly engaged and resolved the issue.” A spokeswoman for the senator didn’t comment,” CNBC reported.

“The riots at the Capitol create further concern about [participants’] departure from the D.C. area, Nelson said. Acts against our democracy, our government, and the freedom we claim as Americans must disqualify these individuals from the freedom of flight,” CNBC wrote, quoting the union.

Romney is very unpopular among Trump supporters. Numerous confrontations have gone viral between Romeny and Trump supporters, including the following footage where Romneys’ constituent in Utah confronts him. He quickly retreats after scolding her for not wearing a mask and then being snobby to her.


Julie Hedrick, president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents American Airlines’ more than 25,000 flight attendants, said in a statement that the union is “incredibly concerned about recent politically motivated incidents on board passenger aircraft.

“Regardless of one’s political beliefs, the cabin of a commercial aircraft must, out of necessity, be a calm environment for the safety of everyone on board,” she said.

Flight attendant unions called for zero tolerance for such incidents. Interfering with the duties of a flight crew member is against the law, and unruly passengers can be fined $25,000.

Airlines said they are taking several precautions to protect employees, including moving flight crews to airport hotels so they can avoid locations in central Washington D.C.



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