Facebook & Twitter To Lose CDA Immunity After Banning Trump Is Dershowitz Is Right

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I’m sure you have heard us say this before … the Communications Decency Act is one of the most important regulations in the history of America.  Section 230 was largely what allowed the internet to EXPLODE in growth the way it has over the years.

Without Section 230, Facebook would never have come to be, nor would Twitter, Youtube, comment sections on websites … even peer to peer messaging apps may have been open to crippling lawsuits.

One could even argue that without section 230’s protections, we would never have been able to get Trump elected.  We all know that it was the average, everyday America, like you and I that pushed Trump over the top in 2016.

The MSM was against Trump from the jump, publishing stories that 91% of the time were critical, rather than supportive of Mr. Trump.  Only on FB, Twitter and other social sites did pro-Trump content flourish and show the nation that you and I were not the only one’s who wanted to see him beat Hillary.

HOWEVER, this was before Big Tech had saturated the market and collected enough data on everyone on the planet that they could influence elections and the direction of the entire world.  Now that Facebook and Twitter are no longer Neutral Public Forums and are discriminating based on viewpoint and identity, they are no longer eligible for section 230 protections.

I am not the only one saying this (I am no lawyer, not by a long shot, I have just seen my $300,000 investment in Facebook and the tens of millions of ‘fans’ we had stolen from us, presumably because of our political opinions) Alan Dershowitz seems to think the same thing.

Newsmax is reporting:

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax TV on Saturday morning that Facebook and Twitter should lose their exemptions under the Communications Decency Act as a result of banning President Donald Trump.

Section 230 of the act protects social media companies from liability for content their users post.

“Two thirty [230] basically exempts Twitter and other social media from being held responsible for their content and the content others put on because they’re supposed to be just a platform where anything goes on,” Dershowitz told host Carl Higbie on “Saturday Report.”

“But once they become a publisher, once they decide, ‘No, we don’t like this president, we like the other president,’ then they lose their exemption under Section 230, and I think there will be Congressional action to limit Section 230 to actual platforms.”

Both Facebook and Twitter have banned President Trump from posting on their platforms. Twitter did so permanently. Facebook said it’s suspension will last until the president’s term is over.

“Anybody who censors selectively should lose their 230 exemption,” Dershowitz said.

On Friday night, the president temporarily used the official @POTUS Twitter account to say he and allies would investigate creating a competing social platform. Those posts were quickly removed by Twitter.

“The next decade, we will see great changes in the way the law deals with these very large and very influential media platforms,” Dershowitz said. “They are different from the New York Times, they are different from the government. They’re not quite anything.

“They don’t sit into any previous categories and the law has to adapt to the realities of social media having such a big impact on American political discourse.”

Google took Parler out of the Play Store and Apple has suggested they may as well, Dershowitz claimed.  However, Spreely’s apps are still in the app stores so please download them as fast as you can before they get removed too.  If you are not familiar, Spreely is just like Facebook, except run by intellectually honest patriots who swear to uphold the 1st Amendment as their community standard (sexual content not withstanding).

“That would really raise questions under the monopoly provisions of the law,” Dershowitz said. “Once you start taking actions against others, whether they’re competitors or not, then you really do run into these issues.”

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