Posted: January 10, 2021
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Big Tech Finally Went TOO FAR, Rocked By Threat From Attorney General Paxton

If you suffer through reading my writing, the odds are that you are well aware of just how tyrannical and downright criminal the social media Speech Cartel has become.

Perhaps the most concerning realization from the ‘purges’ and ‘speech embargoes’ of the past few days has been the fact that these corporations were, and continue to be so brazen in their actions.

What do they know that we don’t know?  Why do I have a feeling that they got the ‘green light’ from the left to silence their detractors with confidence that nothing bad will happen to them?

While we can not be sure if this is, or is not the case, there is a silver lining … the states have their own law enforcement apparatuses and not all of them are feckless.

Take for instance, the great state of Texas:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday vowed to fight Big Tech censorship with everything he’s got.

“Twitter/Facebook closing conservative accts. Google shutting down Parler. Apple threatening to do the same. BigTech hates free speech. As we enter the Biden era, they stand ready/willing to be the left’s Chinese-style thought police. As AG, I will fight them with all I’ve got.” – Ken Paxton said.

Has Big Tech finally gone too far?  I sure hope so, they have become a threat to liberty that the Republic can not survive without intervention.

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