Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still Commander in Chief, Blow Off Nancy ‘We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Constitution’ Pelosi

Posted by on January 10, 2021 6:03 pm

Defense officials at the Pentagon have blown off Pelosi who suggested taking the nuclear codes away from President Trump. They stood up and defied her and declared that the president is the Commander in Chief right up until he leaves office on January 20th.

Actually, I agree with Democrats trying to oust Trump and Republicans in Congress.

It just fires up the Republican base and makes it harder for any Republican to work with the Democrats.

Anything that does that I’m all for. It also means that key Republicans with long memories are unlikely to ever reach across the aisle. It won’t work to the Democrat’s advantage when it comes to the 2022 midterm elections.

It was widely reported Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in limiting the president’s access to the nuclear codes.

Pelosi doesn’t believe Trump would use nukes against6 anyone, she just wanted Democrat voters thinking he would. And they would buy it because as we all know they aren’t very bright.

From The Western Journal

The newspaper spoke to other Pentagon officials who were reportedly hesitant to get involved in Pelosi’s political match, according to Times reporters David Sanger and Eric Schmitt.

“Mr. Trump, they noted, is still the commander in chief; unless he is removed, the military is bound to follow his lawful orders. While military officials can refuse to carry out orders they view as illegal — or slow the process by sending those orders for careful legal review — they cannot remove the president from the chain of command. That would amount to a military coup, the officials said,” Sanger and Schmitt reported.

“The one issue that has worried officials the most is Iran’s announcement that it has begun enriching uranium to 20 percent purity — near the quality to make a bomb.

In December, Mr. Trump asked for military options that might be taken in response to Iran’s escalating production of nuclear fuel, but he was talked out of it by a number of top officials, including General Milley and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,” the Times also reported.

Pelosi and the other Democrats who cheered on the murders by MS-13 and the riots by antifa and BLM are trying to use the Washington mostly peaceful protest to score political points.

It is their contention that riots that do not loot or burn buildings are harmless compared to protests that don’t do those things.

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