Pompeo Speaks at VOA About CCP After Controversary and During Misinformation Campaign

Posted by on January 12, 2021 3:03 am

Secretary Mike Pompeo spoke at a Voice of America (VOA) event on Monday and addressed the American people with details about his work at the US State Department and talked at length about his work while with President Donald’s administration J. Trump. Pompeo’s appearance was met with resistance from President Trump’s opponents.

What, at first seemed to be an ordinary press event, exposes the struggle for fair media coverage even for the President of the United States.

One Twitter poster wrote about the speech, quoting Pompeo, “It is not fake news for you to broadcast that this is the greatest nation in the history of the world,” @SecPompeo tells @VOANews. “This isn’t the Vice of America…it’s the Voice of America,” and it shouldn’t give “authoritarian regimes a platform,” Pompeo said. 

Some VOA employees used the Pandemic, and the media created Jan. 6th to say they were protesting because of health concerns or safety.

His scheduled appearance at the event was controversial due to a “woke” movement of leftists from within the company,  who protested his use of the American media outlet to address the American people.

One Chinese poster reacted to the speech saying:

Pompeo almost criticized the Chinese Department by name in his VOA speech, specifically to assist in visas and bring people from China to VOA. Pompeo said that among us Americans who speak Mandarin, what is the need to recruit people from China? It seems that the person appointed by Trump himself is also incompetent. It has been more than two years, and I still can’t handle them. Pompeo even mentioned that a group of people objected to letting him speak so far. Nima was bold enough.

A letter from late last week addressed the complaints of a group of “Whistleblowers” who said they should not allow Pompeo on the platform because he was “political”:

At the exact time of Pompeo’s much-anticipated speech, a disinformation campaign had hit social media with false data put on official government websites, showing that the terms of both Vice President Pence and President Donald J. Trump had ended on Monday.

The story was quickly debunked by The Daily Beast spoke with a disgruntled employee who admitted to putting in the false information.

The reaction from viewers was that Pompeo focused on China and Communism.

Pompeo had posted numerous times about China on Monday, so in reality, it appears as if Pompeo’s critics were actually concerned about him exposing Communism and China.

Here is an example of his tweets from Monday.

“Many wrote that history was over. We allowed security protocols to lapse, and VOA lost its commitment to its founding mission,” Mr. Pompeo said, according to his prepared remarks. “Its broadcasts had become less about telling the truth about America, often about demeaning America.”

The full speech is here:

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