Right Side Broadcasting had 811,000 Viewers While President Trump Speaks from Alamo Texas

Posted by on January 13, 2021 6:04 am

President Donald J. Trump delivered comments in Alamo Texas on Tuesday before a massive audience, just days after being censored on Facebook and Twitter, at his first live appearance since his Save America Rally in Washington DC on January 6th.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said the visit would mark Trump’s ‘completion of more than 400 miles of the border wall — a promise made, promise kept.’ It arguably represents the most concrete legacy of Trump’s administration.

“The 400 miles (644 km) includes a significant amount of wall construction in places where previous administrations had already built structures. It represents arguably the most concrete legacy of Trump’s four-year administration and his overhaul of the U.S. immigration system, including a crackdown on migrants crossing the southern border,” Deere said.

Before the event, Trump spoke to reporters about his feelings regarding what is known as “if Tech” or a monopoly of Technology companies who are banning, censoring, and punishing Trump’s supporters just a day before he is expected to end his first term as President.

Here are his comments before boarding the plane to Alamo, Texas:

“We want no violence, never violence…On impeachment…it’s ridiculous…This impeachment is causing tremendous anger. For Pelosi & Schumer to continue…I think it’s causing tremendous danger to this country…I want no violence,” Trump said.

Rightside Broadcasting broadcast the event live, with over 800,000 viewers for the event, which is almost 8 times more than the number of viewers on highly rated cable news shows.

During the live-streamed event, Trump gave a speech about the importance of the fence had been keeping his administration’s policy for law enforcement at the Southern Border intact. Trump said that the Mexico Military protected the wall project for the past two years and that 450 miles of security had been completed.

“We can’t let the next administration even think of taking it down,” says President Trump referring to the border wall

Twitter Media reported on Trump’s comments and promoted this story:

“Trump visited Alamo, Texas, on Tuesday to defend his immigration policy and tout the partial construction of the US-Mexico border wall. During his speech, he praised the completion of over 400 miles of the border wall and dismissed talks of a second impeachment as a “witch hunt,” saying, “as the expression goes, be careful what you wish for.” Before boarding a plane for the trip, Trump told reporters at the White House that he was not to blame for the violent insurrection at the US Capitol last week, adding that his remarks to supporters were “totally appropriate.”

Having watched from the first days of Rightside Broadcastings on the 2016 campaign trail and watching them grow thru all of the obstacles, to where they are today, makes me feel very proud to have been one of their first fans- I sent my huge congratulations to them. Everyone I have met from Right Side Broadcasting is positive, helpful, enthusiastic for the movement, and professional.  Excellent work- Rightside!

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