Minnesota Man Who Told CBS News He Was Radicalized on Twitter Pleads Guilty to Joining ISIS

Posted by on January 14, 2021 9:03 pm

A Young man from Minessota pled guilty to being in ISIS, and gave an interview in 2019 and said that he had been radicalized from videos he saw on Twitter.

The news of the guilty plea comes at a time when Big Tech companies are moving together as a collective to the band and censor President Donald J. Trump while refusing to address the radicalization of young Americans into a foreign and oftentimes violent ideology.

Holly Williams of CBS News interviews a man claiming to be Abdelhamid Al-Madioum, a St. Louis Park man in an ISIS prison in northern Syria: “He said he was recruited to ISIS through a contact on Twitter and was bombarded with ISIS propaganda videos. Not the ones showing gruesome beheadings, but ones explaining that ISIS was helping Muslims. He said he entered ISIS territory in 2015, hoping to become a doctor. … He thought ISIS terrorism was fake news. Like many in the prison, he claims he was never an ISIS fighter. Instead, he said he was a victim, and said he lost his arm in a U.S. airstrike.”

On Wednesday the Department of Justice released the following statement about Al-Madioum:

Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to ISIS

The Justice Department today announced the guilty plea of Abdelhamid Al-Madioum, 24, to one count of providing material support and resources, namely personnel and services, to ISIS, a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Al-Madioum, a native of Morocco and naturalized U.S. citizen, previously had been detained overseas by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and was subsequently transferred into FBI custody and returned to Minnesota.  Al-Madioum entered his guilty plea today before Judge Ann D. Montgomery in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  A sentencing date will be scheduled at a later time.

According to the defendant’s guilty plea and documents filed with the court, on June 23, 2015, Al-Madioum and his family traveled from St. Louis Park, Minnesota, to Casablanca, Morocco, to visit their extended family.  On July 8, 2015, Al-Madioum left Morocco and traveled to Istanbul, Turkey.  There, Al-Madioum met up with members of ISIS who aided his border-crossing into Syria.  Once in Syria, the defendant joined other members of ISIS who brought him to Mosul, Iraq.

According to the defendant’s guilty plea, after Al-Madioum arrived in Mosul, he was administratively ISIS and received military training from its members.  Al-Madioum was then assigned to the Tariq Bin-Ziyad Battalion of the Abu Mutaz al-Qurashi Division of ISIS, where he served as a soldier for ISIS until 2016, when he was injured conducting military activities on behalf of ISIS.  Following Al-Madioum’s injury, he remained a member of ISIS and continued to receive a stipend until his surrender to the SDF in or near Baghouz, Syria, in March of 2019.  In September of 2020, Al-Madioum was returned to Minnesota.

This case is the result of an investigation conducted by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew R. Winter and Trial Attorney Danielle S. Rosborough of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section are prosecuting the case.

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