Plea From Former Community Organizer, Turn Back Now, Drop out of Activism

Posted by on January 15, 2021 6:03 am

I am a former Community Organizer.  I got a BSW and specialized in Community Organizing in college.  I did my Internship in politics and worked for Democrat Congressman Howard Wolpe in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I worked with him and assisted Jessie Jackson and his organization, who were making alliances in South Africa at the time.

I got into Social Work because I am a Christian, and I have devoted my life to serving humanity somehow ever since.  Everyone I know who goes into Social Work goes into it because they want to help someone.

I worked in Social Work for some time, doing all sorts of different jobs, and I left the field of Social Work after living through my first riots and realizing that everything I believed at the time about Social Justice was a lie.

After you live through your first riot and understand that your social justice team started the riots that lead to people dying, if you stay in that mix, then you moved from wanting to help people to be the one who is hurting people.

To me, that mattered. I couldn’t live with the idea of hurting people.

When I went into Community Organizing, I loved America. I wanted to serve America, but then I was slowly conditioned over time to hate America, and I was lied to about why I should hate America.

I didn’t want to live a lie, so I left. After getting a degree and being employed, and moving my way up quickly to the top of the Democrat party and a very well known social justice group, I left.

But not after agonizing over what I had done to ruin my life.  A 4-year degree, lots of money, and the only job I thought I could get.

But staying made me feel sick.

I left it because my life was all based on a lie. In a way, Community Organizing and Activism become uncomfortable, and if you are in that life, you already know what I mean. Most of the things you are angry about, you didn’t experience, and neither did most of the people you believe you are defending.  You know that deep down inside.

You have to take back your life, and embrace your freedoms and remember yourself again. People died for you to have the right to explore life.  Please don’t waste it being angry about things that don’t exist.

Hatred makes you sick.

Since I left Community Organizing, I have learned that people wanted me to give up my freedoms and fight their fight against America for them. And those people are people who hate America.

America is the greatest liberator on Earth, and people who hate America are using young people’s lives as if they are not worth very much.

Where are they to defend you if you get into real trouble?

How do you live with assisting the side that is killing police officers? They were parents.  All of those kids whose parents are dead now, you helped the side who did that. How does it feel?

What about the business that was destroyed?  Those are people’s lives and dreams are destroyed, those are working-class people.

Now we are to the point where people are facing criminal charges, injury, and death; I urge you to stop. Not because I think you will win, but because I know if you won’t, you will lose.

See?  I am still trying to help people.

Some of you are employed as Community organizers and activists, and it is hard to walk away from a job.  I understand.  I went through all the fear.

Some are afraid of being embarrassed for changing your mind.  That is life.

You have plenty of other skills.  People change their minds all of the time.

I chose to move to a new state, all by myself, and clean houses for a while, then I got other jobs and met new people.

I found that I liked the silence. I started my life all over again for the first time then, and they were some enjoyable times. Now I know I can start over when I want to.

Now I am far less afraid of losing everything because I have survived it, which is real freedom.  Americans are so lucky that we can choose to start all over again.

If you are trapped in activism and Community Organizing, please get out.  Help someone else get out.  Be a part of the solution.  The mayhem, death, and hatred is your prison.

And you have the keys to unlock your cage and fly.

Go to a new place, find a new way of doing things that is all your own, because what you are doing is living someone else’s lie.

And you already know that.

Contact me on Twitter @Saorsa1776 if I can help you.  I guess I am always a social worker in my heart.

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