LEAKED VIDEO Shows Martial Law Lockdown In DC, Proves Biden Illegitimate Suggests Brave Cameraman

Posted by on January 16, 2021 5:48 pm
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If you ever needed proof that the establishment that installed Joe Biden as president is nervous AH right now, this new video that has just leaked out of DC this morning shows you all you need to know.

The entire city is in, what can only be described as a state of Martial Law.  Look for yourself…

The Gateway Pundit posted this video and the two lines that follow, earlier this morning:

‘A worker in DC filmed the military presence in the city early in the morning.

He asks why would someone need to put up such barriers if he legitimately won the election?’

Here is the transcript of the video courtesy of yours truly:

What’s up guys? New Update:

It’s Friday, 06:30 Washington DC and it ain’t the police doing the checkpoints no more … it’s full out military. 

HOLY SH*T! I want to show you all something …

See this?  See this, this is military right here. All armed, I’m about to show you something every scary. 

These are big checkpoint gates. I’m going to show you something, this sh*t is fu8king crazy. 

This isn’t Merto PD or the Secret Service, or the Park Police, these are HumVees … with M16s and SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapon M-249) and M-4s and they are all loaded, and that don’t look like riot control to me … but check this out.

Look at these barricades, with these personal tunnels and sh*t that go through.

I’ll give you all another update in a minute, I’m walking up to my job site right now so I need to check in.

The US Milita… LOOK AT THIS … This thing pops up so cars can’t drive through it, this is what our intersections look like now.

If you need all this to protect your inauguration from the people, maybe the f***ing people didn’t f***ing elect you!”

This is some banana republic nonsense.  The Government in this country serves at the pleasure of the people.

The man in this video is 100% correct.  If you are this worried that the country does not accept you as the rightful leader of the nation there is a very goof possibility that it is because YOU ARE NOT.

Remember when Joe Bien bragged about how big his voter fraud operation was?

Don’t tell me that this was a slip of the tongue.  Who would even think about voter fraud in this context when speaking about getting people out to vote … other than someone who is guilty.  Joe Biden is not the rightful winner of the 2020 election in my mind.  The fact there is no transparency is all I need to know.

Had they been willing to show the world the results openly and honestly, I would have no issue with this, the fact that they have not … that means they have something to hide.  Sadly for them, Beijing Joe is a terrible about concealing his illegal behavior …

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