LETHAL FORCE For Biden Inauguration Approved

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I have this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that we are going to look back on the events that took place on the 6th (as non sensical as the official story maybe) as another ‘9/11’ style event.

What I mean by that is that America is never going to be the same.

We should all get used to seeing armed troops ready to pull triggers on Americans roaming the streets.

Get used to the 4th Amendment being a thing of the past … as if it already was not.

2nd Amendment?  Laughable man … Hah!

What makes me think this?  How about this stunning report covered by the Gateway Pundit:

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘National Guard troops deployed in Washington, D.C. for the Biden inaugural in the wake of the storming of the Capitol last week have been authorized to use lethal force, according to a report by U.S. News that cited a Defense Department official. The D.C. National Guard had issued a statement Wednesday that troops under its command had been authorized to carry weapons.

A reported 20,000 troops are being deployed in the nation’s capital. Checkpoints have been established. Razor wire topped fencing has been erected around the Capitol and Supreme Court, large swaths of official Washington have been blocked to vehicular traffic. Many Metro stations in downtown D.C. are completely closed. The Washington Monument is closed and the National Mall is set to be closed. Airbnb cancelled all reservations in the D.C. area for the period of the inauguration. Hotels are being pressured to do the same. The message to Americans is stay away from D.C.

Excerpt from U.S. News report:

THE 20,000 NATIONAL Guard troops preparing for pro-Trump demonstrations this weekend in the nation’s capital will be armed and permitted to use lethal force, the headquarters overseeing them says, marking a striking escalation in the way authorities there are preparing for repeat violence after last week’s deadly mob.

“On January 12, 2021, National Guardsmen were given authorization to be armed in support of the U.S. Capitol Police to protect the U.S. Capitol and individual members of Congress and their staff,” according to a statement from the D.C. National Guard, which is commanding Guard forces in the city, including units deployed from six other states, to provide security for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.

A defense official confirmed the authorization includes permission for Guard troops to use lethal force.

The request came from federal authorities and was approved by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy – who oversees D.C. Guard deployments since the District is not a state – indicating it was not a request from the local government.

More from the D.C. Guard statement issued Wednesday:

“Our objectives are to provide support to local authorities. To date, we are being asked to provide security, crowd management, traffic control, parking coordination, and medical and logistical support. The public’s safety is our top priority. Guardsmen are trained in the use of lethal and less-than-lethal force, de-escalation techniques, as well as the use of protective equipment. This is standard for civil disturbance response missions.”

The shutdowns and deployments:

“I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve had to clear a police/national guard checkpoint to get to my office in DC. Security measures are now extensive and span far back from the Capitol.”

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