BREAKING: McConnell SABOTAGES TRUMP & Puts The Final Nail In The Coffin of His Career [Video]

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For some strange reason, the GOP establishment, you know the Mitch McConnells, the Paul Ryan types, the Romenys … they are all living in a bubble.  A bubble that is so devoid of/removed from, reality that it is comical.

Conservatives and non communists support President Trump, they know he didn’t tell people to violently storm the Capitol and they don’t blame him for the actions of bad actors.  We can argue over whether or not we should have seen the sabotage coming, but Trump never called for violence.

Even Axios admitted as much in their recent polling as reported by Newsmax:

Axios/Ipsos conducted a poll conducted of Republican voters:

‘Here are highlights from the poll:

-91% of Trump supporters in the GOP back his continued contesting of the election, while 46% of those who consider themselves “traditional Republicans” support his challenges and 36% oppose.

-96% of Trump supporters say he makes the Republican Party better, while 51% of traditional Republicans agree and 47% disagree.

-92% of Trump supporters want to see him run again in 2024, compared to 41% of other Republicans who agree and 58% who disagree.

-1% of Trump supporters say he should be immediately be removed from office for “promoting” the unrest, while 24% of traditional Republicans agree.’

So, someone explain to me what the hell Mitch McConnell is doing crapping on Trump and acting as if the Republican base who defends Trump is going to ever vote for his quisling ass after this again?

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

‘We are witnessing in real-time the end of the Republican Party.

First top House Republican Liz Cheney votes to impeach President Trump and GOP leaders rallied to defend her.

Now dirtbag Mitch McConnell accuses President Trump and other “powerful people” of provoking “insurrectionists”
It would be a horrible assault if it were true. The fact that it is a lie makes it all the more outrageous!

For decades the Republican Party has failed America and their voters. The party in 2020 was so weak Democrats were able to steal a landslide election from President Trump. Do you think Democrats would have tried that against a powerful opposing party?
Hell no.

Mitch thinks he’s the leader of the party. Let’s see how this works out!’

Come 2022 there is going to be a whole new balance of power in the GOP.  Dinosaurs like Mitch McConnell and all the other establishment hacks who have been selling America about to the highest bidder will be out of power and a new, America First, Constitutionally centered party will emerge.

One way or the other, the good guy will be in control again, and we must never let the communist appeasers gain control of the Republican Party again … if we want this Republic to survive.

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