Trevor Loudin: “The Opposition to World Communism has Lost it’s Champion”, what to Expect with CCP Takeover

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Can you leave people in the culture with a Communist takeover? Was the question asked in an interview by the Militant Church to an expert on Communist Revolution? Would there be a system of Concentration Camps?

“Ultimately, yes, that would happen. It would take some time, Trevor Loudin replied. “American has a powerful Conservative tradition, but the Democrats are as far left as any leftists are anywhere.  American will be no different than any other Communist Revolution,” Loudin said.

“People ran to America to escape Communism, to put pressure on businesses and counties, so where will anyone “go now?” Loudon asked.

“Expect that people will face hate crime laws for speaking about our traditional values, and there will be legislative and social pressure.  Companies will be forced to comply or go out of business.  Social Justice will push out Christians and squash Christianity,” author and columnist Trevor Loudin told The Militant Church broadcaster in an interview.

Loudin is a leading thought leader on the problems the Western world faces with the dominance of authoritarian, violent, and insurgency movements.  He is the author of numerous books, including his latest, White House Reds.

Trevor wrote for Good Books:

“On the show Fox & Friends on May 23, 2019, Donald Trump, Jr. said the 2020 election would be about “Communism versus Freedom.” He was right. White House Reds profiles ten high profile contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination – all of them communists, socialists, or security risks. White House Reds is the best researched and most shocking political exposé of this or any recent election cycle.”


“The great threat to the Western world is that during the Soviet times, we saw tanks and fights, and after the fall of the Soviet Union, our attention went pretty much off of Communism and didn’t pay attention.

And we then gutted American industry and sent it to China because Kissenger and Nixon told us they would be our friends and Democratize, and they would become like us. Still, it worked in exactly the opposite direction.

Now the Chinese have a huge military and an alliance with Russia, Vennzulealla, Cuba, Niggureaga, and South Africa. Basically, they got the point where the balance of power is almost in their favor, meaning that the Chinese Communist Party is almost on the verge of being the Super Power.

President Trump kept them on hold, but under Biden, well- he is their friend, and they have a huge influence now in our education system and the government.  So the opposition to world Communism has just lost their champion, so we are in a perilous state right now, “Loudin said.


“a lot of American corporations made money trading with the Nazis before World War 2; they were looking at the bottom line and expanding their power and happy to work with German companies. It wasn’t their sons and daughters when the Nazis went on a rampage.

Wall Street and Big Tech makes a lot of money with China and prefer their authoritarian style.  They are happy to gut American industry and weaken American defenses, and our politicians have been happy to sell their souls to China, or they ideologically side with China.

John Ratcliffe said publically that the Chinese had bribed so many US Congressmembers now that they can determine which legislation goes through the US Congress and which doesn’t that should terrify Americans and Westerners.

On the Democrat side, it is people who have a background in Communist ideology; the Republicans love the big deals and trips to China,” he said.

Watch the full interview with Militant Church at the link:

Loudin has a video series on Youtube and Rumble called CounterPunch.

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