Bannon’s Pardon Means War Room is in Full Swing, New Nullification Project Begins

Posted by on January 20, 2021 9:03 pm

Steve Bannon, who is often trending on social media due to the public’s intense interest in his many projects, received a Presidential pardon as one of President Donald J. Trump’s final official acts before he left on Air Force One to Florida, Tuesday night.

“I want the audience to get focused today and do something. They [the left] are weak. We need people to take this [movement] on their own shoulders and be active,” Bannon said, proving his staying power with the “Make America Great Again” movement, while plans to keep alive in the months and years to come.

Bannon is instrumental in designing the America First policies that made President Trump so popular with American voters and to the ‘Forgotten man and women” who defended Trump to the end.  Bannon and his co-hosts signaled that those ideas are not going away, certainly not as long as they can keep any platform at all.

“We are the home of the Nullification Project, which is what started in the first hour after Trump announced his candidacy,’ Bannon said, opening up his show, Bannon’s War Room,  on Wednesday.

Bannon’s prediction of the nullification of Donald J. Trump’s presidency from career bureaucrats and unelected politicans was precise and accurate.  Bannon alone was the leading influencing voice to rally people to Trump’s side, from the Hill to the working class with new concepts and creative use of digital media.

Bannon, a media innovator and former chairman of Breitbart News, has one of the world’s largest podcasts the world called War Room Pandemic, which started during the first Trump impeachment to give a platform to newsmakers to get facts and information out to the American public.

“We are going to the tip of the spear; we are not going to back down on War Room Pandemic,” Bannon said Wednesday while showing photos of an empty National Mall where there are no spectators for the Biden events of the day.

“Trump will take back the White House in 2024, and that starts today,” Bannon, former Trump Campaign CEO, said. “We will do it with facts.”

Bannon’s War Room plans to cover the Senate impeachment trial if there is one. “We will beat them with facts, Bannon said, “like this photo that these people do not have the people’s support.”

Reuters reported on Bannon’s pardon and said:

“U.S. President Donald Trump granted clemency to former White House aide Steve Bannon as part of a wave of pardons and commutations issued in his final hours in the office, but did not pardon himself, members of his family or lawyer Rudy Giuliani.”

Visit Reuters for the full article.

‘They have tried to hoodwink the American people, and this is on your shoulders to push these images out there. This is where their phony looks like.  Look at what Democracy looks like, an empty field,” Bannon said, showing more photos and live footage of the empty field surrounding the US Capitol in advance of an Inauguration.

“Nobody showed up because nobody cares.  They will say it is COVID, but they are not going to watch it on TV either,” Bannon said. “It is repulsive that they are going to push that Biden got 84 Million votes; where are they now?”

The War Room will be one of the few sources for journalists to get factual information on the opposition to pro-leftist, state allied propaganda content.

I got the following information and screenshots from the War Room Pandemic, using the Real America’s  Voice Ap.

Bannon apparently plans to use his platform, his podcast to defend America, cover Trump, promote understanding of a Communist revolution, protest the left and direct the American people to be involved with potent activism to combat the Chinese Community Party influence in America.

The War Room Pandemic is on Monday through Friday 10-12 AM Eastern and 5:00 PM Eastern on America’s Voice.

Jason Miller, top advisor to President Trump, is a frequent guest and co-host.






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