BIDEN Shows COMPLETE TAKEOVER OF POWER Intentions, Adding 4 Leftist States To Union

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Ever since Trump was successful at putting 3 new justices on the Supreme Court, the left has been talking about ‘packing the court’.  IE arbitrarily adding enough commie judges such that the Dems will be able to sneak through whatever Unconstitutional BS they please.

This would not be the first time they did this, FDR started the practice to push through his clearly Unconstitutional ‘New Deal’ decades ago.

It’s not just the Supreme Court that we need to worry about tho, it is also the Senate, which has largely acted as a check against the insatiable appetite for power that the left has shown in recent years.

Now, imagine if Biden’s Chinese handlers decide they want to ensure they control the US via the Democrat Party for the remainder of the nation’s existence.  All they would need to do is exactly what Biden’s team hinted at today ..

John Solomon’s Just The News reports, or more like warns:

‘President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration decor touting 56 U.S. states and territories provokes new questions about whether Biden will push for new statehood for six U.S. territories, which could aid the Democratic Party in the Electoral College.

Under the U.S. Constitution, statehood requires only a simple majority in Congress, which could be achieved if Democrats decide to remove the 60-vote filibuster threshold currently in place in the Senate.

As part of the “Field of Flags” display at the National Mall ahead of Biden’s inauguration, the Presidential Inaugural Committee planted nearly 200,000 state and territory flags on Monday night, meant to represent the American people unable to travel to Washington, D.C., for Inauguration Day due to the COVID-19 pandemic and security threats. 

Fifty-six pillars of neon blue light, representing the U.S. states and territories, were also lit up for 46 seconds to mark the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden. The prominent light beams were reminiscent of the grounds of the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan.

Biden has said he supports statehood for Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. The Biden transition team did not respond to a request for comment from Just the News about Biden’s position on additional territories or about the inaugural display as a possible symbolic nod to possible statehood. Other U.S. territories with permanent civilian populations include Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.’

We tried to warn you, this is it for the United States.  This great experiment in self governance was stolen from us, all because the people we trusted to safeguard our liberties sold us out for a few shekels, or more like Yuan.

Bye Bye Senate, bye bye Supreme Court, bye bye 1st Amendment, bye bye 2nd Amendment …. you get the picture.

Soon you and I will be labeled terrorists and the Constitution will either be outlawed or ignored completely.  This is a dark, dark day in American history.

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