BIDEN To KILL 4 MILLION JOBS For Chinese Economic Dominance

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Now, if you were living the life of Riley and your drug addicted son who likes to photograph himself with his pants down … allegedly in the presence of family members and children .. all on the dime of the Chinese, you would likely do anything to keep those millions …. (billions??) rilling in, no?

Well, apparently if you are Joe Biden you might.

If you are For Biden and have a bunch of economically illiterate constituents who are looking to you for hand outs without thinking once about the consequences of such actions you have an easy pitch.

One which is sure to get your followers excited, and the Chinese economists laughing all the way to the CCP’s gold vaults …

The American Lookout writes:

‘Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country are teetering on the brink of destruction because of the lock downs associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

What does Joe Biden want to do? Make it harder for them to stay in business. The last thing these business owners need is an increase in the minimum wage.

The Congressional Budget Office says this would kill jobs. Millions of them.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden’s proposal to raise minimum wage to $15 could kill up to 3.7M jobs, CBO estimates

President-elect Joe Biden’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour could kill up to 3.7 million jobs, the Congressional Budget Office estimated.

The CBO said that some of the higher earnings from the $15 federal minimum wage could be offset by higher rates of joblessness.

The report found that 1.3 million workers who would typically be employed would be without jobs in an average week in 2025. A new federal minimum wage would also increase the pay of 17 million workers in an average week in 2025.

The increase in earnings would mostly affect low-income families, while a loss of business would affect higher-income families.

Families below the poverty line would receive an additional $8 billion in real income in 2025, while families above the poverty line would lose $16 billion in real income.

How many times do we have to explain to Democrats what a $15 an hour minimum wage really looks like?’

Democrats think they’re helping people by raising the minimum wage.

It actually results in less jobs, especially at the entry level.

Now, lets take a guess who is going to be making the parts for these machines? …. you guessed it, Joe’s buddies in CHINA.

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