China Does Victory Lap Over Biden

Posted by on January 21, 2021 3:03 am

The Chinese Communist Party was immediately front and center in Democrat Joe Biden’s administration after he took the oath of office and news reports were already circulating with the demands of sanctions for certain helpful individuals to President Donald J. Trump, and with warnings to lawmakers who might continue to defend his America First policies for the America people in the future.

“This goes straight to the core interests of the DC beltway crowd. No think tank or corporate board posts for you if you take an anti-China stance… A Warning shot to team Biden,” one economist posted on Twitter about the actions of the CCP, after they took their victory lap.

Their victory lap:

Chinese Media, China Xinhua News, celebrates the departure of Trump from DC.


A few of the Chinese Communist Party’s power plays within moments of Democrat Biden’s swearing-in were to apply sanctions to several high-ranking President Donald Trump supporters and to forbid a handful of Americans from entering China.

Jack Posbeic, a correspondent for OANN, reported that the Chinese Communist Party banned 3 people from Chinese territory:

Note the time,  minutes into the “Oath of Office”.

Confirmation that China demands sanctions on Trump’s top trusted advisors:


China also made official moves to threaten American lawmakers’ with sanctions designed to keep them from doing anything outside of the scope of what the Communist Party wants them to do.

Matt Stoller from the Amerian Economic Liberties Program posted online about his findings:

“The Chinese government just sent a very aggressive message to Biden-world, saying officials who pursue a policy framework averse to the PRC will have trouble earning money from most American corporations after they leave the administration.

The Chinese government totally recognizes the weakness of American politics. The PRC is saying no revolving door corruption unless you do our bidding.

It’s the single best argument for anti-corruption measures I’ve ever seen. China just passed H.R. 1. I’ve been pushing for a complete disentangling of the Chinese and American economies, which sounds hardline or incredibly difficult at first. But the Chinese gov’t keeps making my case.

Xi Jinping prolly read @ZephyrTeachout on why the founders put anti-corruption measures in the Constitution to ward off foreign influence. Only, since we’ve gotten rid of our anti-corruption measures, he read it as an instruction manual,”Stoller wrote.

Mike Pompeo’s final statements to Biden’s team were: “This challenge, the threat from the Chinese Communist Party, is real; it is existential to the United States.”, and expressed hope that the Joe Biden administration will continue to confront threats posed by the #CCP.

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