Trump Curse? Biden Gives Place of Honor to Bust of Former First Lady? Media Busts First Day “Fact Check”

Posted by on January 21, 2021 6:03 pm

Democrat Joe Biden has placed a bust of a far-left radical Comunity Organizer behind the Oval Office desk to stake his claim to what is sure to be policies that will further radicalize Americans through damaging public policy designed to punish America in favor of revolutionary opponents.

A bronze bust of Cesar Chavez is now sitting behind the Resolute Desk. We remember the living, breathing activist. Biden looks to this hero as he refines and defines his policies,” one reporter posted on Twitter.

César Estrada Chávez was an American labor leader, community organizer, businessman, and Latino and social justice activist.

“It was important for President Biden to walk into an Oval that looked like America and started to show the landscape of who he is going to be as president,” Deputy Director of Oval Office Operations Ashley Williams told the Post.

After all of the virtue signaling, what is really funny is that the Washington Post said the bust was of former First Lady Elanor Roosevelt.

Virtue Signaling is based on being able to tell lies with a straight face.  When it suits, the media can get the story right; the bust is of Chavez; it is important to remember that the left and the media know the truth from the lie because they use it to their advantage.


Saul Alinsky, who is the Father of Community Organizing, in his book for activists called Rules for Radicals, explains the purpose of lying to help overthrow the American Republic, which is the ultimate goal of Community Organizing.

For example, consider this:

Even though President Donald J. Trump received historic support from Hispanic and Latino Communities, the lie that he classified Hispanics as “Drug Dealers and rapists” is a favored outright lie by the left to use as political propaganda.

Here a Biden supporter cries and has a handy text from a notable figure for an extra special touch of emotion:

The wink and the nod to the Community Organizer and activists should be concerning to Americans who want to hold on to their civil liberties because those are the things that Community Organizers are focused on repealing.

Social Justice, by using propaganda, is the way that Community Organizers work online and radicalize people to seek security, to believe lies, to give up parts of their citizenship over protecting their freedoms.

Barack Obama is a famous Community Organizer who disrespected American freedom and caused massive human suffering worldwide. It appears that Biden is going to push for Obama’s third term in the White House. Americans should be very concerned.

A rabid and vocal opponent of President Donald Trump and his supporters is a one-time well-known movie star who noted the importance of Biden promoting a Chavez.

As Cusack, even liberals knew Chavez was a Communist. The Chinese Communist Party has perfected the use of propaganda and activism.

Busting on the leftist media is something that we are still going to have fun doing.  It just might be the Trump curse.

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