DEMS Move To SIEZE POWER COMPLETELY In Partisan Power-Grab That Would Make Hitler Blush

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Well, if you bought the BS spewing from the Democrats about bipartisan ship and unity, the joke is on you.

Now that the Reds, ahem, I mean Dems, have shied control of both chambers of the legislature and control the presidency, you can expect exactly what is playing out.

The Republicans have no say and Pelosi and Schumer are still obsessed with making sure that President Trump is never allowed to run for office again.

I would bet you anything I own these orders are coming directly from the CCP who is furious with Trump for actually standing up to them and not selling out the American people to the death camp communists.

As predicted, Pelosi and Schumer are now consolidating their power and going after Trump, after Trump you can bet your bottom dollar they will keep going down the list.

Next will be those who dared to ask for an audit of the election results.

After that, depending on how vocal you have been about this communist take over, they will come for you.  If our readers are anything like I think they are, you are likely chuckling right now, thinking how big of a mistake it would be for them to try and take your rights and liberty.

We are the peaceful crew, the Dems are the ones who will use any tactic to DESTROY and ELIMINATE their opposition.

Newsmax is reporting:

‘House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that she will send the article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday, triggering the start of the former president’s trial on a charge of incitement of insurrection over the deadly Capitol Jan. 6 riot.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer announced Pelosi’s intentions for a quick trial on the Senate floor Friday, rejecting Republicans’ proposal to push it to mid-February to give Trump more time to prepare his case. Schumer said there will be “a full trial, it will be a fair trial.”

Pelosi said her nine impeachment managers, or House prosecutors, are “ready to begin to make their case” against Trump. She said Trump’s team will have had the same amount of time.

Trump, who told his supporters to “fight like hell” just before they invaded the Capitol two weeks ago and stopped the electoral vote count, is the first president to be twice impeached and the first to face a trial after leaving office. He is still assembling his legal team.

While the transmission of the article starts the trial proceedings, the schedule remains uncertain as the Senate, now in Democratic control, is also working to swiftly confirm President Joe Biden’s Cabinet nominees and tackle the new administration’s legislative priorities.

Biden has repeatedly said that he believes the Senate can do both. Schumer said he is also speaking to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell about the “timing and duration” of the proceedings ahead.

Democrats would need the support of at least 17 Republicans to convict Trump, a high bar. While most Republican senators condemned Trump’s actions that day, far fewer appear to be ready to convict.

A handful of Senate Republicans have indicated they are open — but not committed — to conviction. But most have said they believe a trial will be divisive and questioned the legality of trying a president after he has left office.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a close Trump ally who has been helping the former president find lawyers to represent him, said Friday there is “a very compelling constitutional case” on whether Trump can be impeached after his term — an assertion that Democrats reject. Graham also suggested that Republicans will argue Trump’s words on Jan. 6 were not legally “incitement.”

“On the facts, they’ll be able to mount a defense, so the main thing is to give him a chance to prepare and run the trial orderly, and hopefully the Senate will reject the idea of pursuing presidents after they leave office,” Graham said.

Other Republicans had stronger words, suggesting there should be no trial at all. Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso said Pelosi is sending a message to Biden that “my hatred and vitriol of Donald Trump is so strong that I will stop even you and your Cabinet from getting anything done.” Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson suggested Democrats are choosing “vindictiveness” over national security as Biden attempts to set up his government.’ Read the rest of the article here.

This reminds me of the story Trump used to tell on the campaign trail about the snake and the frog …

But we knew they were political snakes before we allowed them to be installed.  Is anyone really surprised that we are about to fall into a real life episode of the Twilight Zone?

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