TRUMP WAS RIGHT: On Day One Biden Kills Jobs For Americans-Oil Wars Continue

Posted by on January 22, 2021 9:04 pm

Democrat Joe Biden, on his first day after taking the White House to reverse major achievements by President Donald J. Trump by canceling the XL Pipeline, which not only killed American jobs but also hurts our closest ally, Canada, on jobs as well.

“Biden wasn’t in the White House for 30 minutes before he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline & put THOUSANDS of Union workers out of a job with the stroke of a pen. He canceled 1.6 BILLION dollars of Union contacts & 900 MILLION dollars in Union wages. But hey, nice hashtag,” posted Sean Parnell.

The reaction was not positive:

It is also a blow to our ally Canada:

The AP reported: “TC Energy Corp will eliminate more than 1,000 construction jobs in coming weeks and halt work on the Keystone XL oil pipeline after U.S. President Joe Biden revoked the project’s presidential permit, the company said in an email to employees.”

After more than a decade of legal battles and shifting fortunes based on who held office in the White House, Biden’s decision to cancel the permit is seen as the project’s death knell. Opponents of the line fought its construction for years, saying it was unnecessary and would hamper the U.S. transition to cleaner fuels.

“I believe this will send a concerning signal to infrastructure developers that resonates far beyond our project and will stifle innovation for a practical transition towards sustainable energy,” said KXL President Richard Prior in the email, sent on Wednesday and seen by Reuters.

The number of jobs lost is expected to climb into the hundreds of thousands:

But why did he do it? As one poster wrote on Twitter, the gas will have to be transported by train and tankers then. Who does that benefit? Who owns the trains and tankers? Are we back here again?

That is a question on the minds of many people.


From a Time Magazine article when Barack Obam, in 2012, had control to benefit Democrat donors and to stop the Pipeline, under “green concerns”:

“President Obama’s decision last week to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline that would carry oil from Canada to the U.S. was cheered by some environmental activists like Robert Redford. But many mainstream commentators reacted with dismay. A Washington Post editorial called the decision wrong on the substance of the question. And a columnist for the same newspaper described it more hyperbolically as “an act of national insanity.”

The argument for the pipeline is not only that it would give the U.S. a secure source of oil with low transportation costs, create jobs, and help our close ally Canada, but also that the alternative is actually worse from an environmental point of view. Canada is still going to produce its oil, and the U.S. is still going to need energy. Without the pipeline, Canada will have to sell some of its oil to China, which means building a pipeline to the Canadian West Coast. And we will buy more from the Middle East or somewhere else. The overall result: more oil shipped longer distances and greater chances of an oil spill.

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Whichever side is right in this argument, one beneficiary is clear: Railroads. Quite simply, some of the oil that would have been moved through the pipeline will now have to go by tanker car. If the oil is more expensive or less available in some places, it will encourage low-sulfur coal. Either way, it means more hauling business for the Big Rails, especially Burlington Northern, now owned by Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway. (Conspiracy theorists were quick to point out that Buffett is an informal advisor to President Obama. Liberal billionaire George Soros is supposedly involved, too, somehow.)”

Note the disdain for opponents of leftist pushing financiers- Warren Buffett and George Soros, being labeled “Conspiracy theorists.”  We have been here before.  Allowing the same Billionaires access to lawmakers over transporting oil by tanker or pipe goes back in American history to our darkest days.   But which process benefits the American people?

And which benefits the “cronies” in Crony-Capitalism?  The next question is why those Billionaire Cronies prefer an authoritarian regime, say like the Chinese Communist Party, which cuts out small business and free enterprise using the US Government’s full weight over allowing people to be free to have small businesses and make their own livings.

The whole “Climate Crisis ” over fossil fuels is really just a way to keep rich people rich, and now we know where Biden stands.  And President Trump was right to point out that Biden was lying about what his plans were.

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