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Antifa, the domestic terror group tried to storm the ICE facility in Portland and they took on the police department, expecting them to fold as they did before the election.

They were in for a surprise.

After the police drove them back from the building a couple of times, Antifa regrouped and made another charge on the federal building.

Once the police officers started backing away, antifa started cheering. However, they needed to learn something any hen knows… You never start cackling until after they lay the egg.

As it turned out, the police were simply positioning themselves as they began to launch flash bangs and tear gas at the rioters.

This offensive drove the cowards away from the area in short order.

The thing I find funny is that these domestic terrorists were shocked that the police actually fought back against them.

Antifa had been throwing eggs, rocks and vandalizing the federal building. But, they were positively indignant that the police actually fought back against them. They should have known better. The election is over and they are no longer needed by the Democrats.

They can expect more of the same in the future.  I call this the Code Pink/Greta Thunberg/David Hogg complex. You are disposable. And you get disposed of after your usefulness to the Democrats is gone.

From The Blaze

The station said the feds continuously pushed demonstrators away from the ICE building, and that protesters tried regrouping and relaunching their offensives.

In one scene caught on video, Antifa militants stalked their way toward federal officers who appeared to be backing up — after which the leftists rejoiced with glee.

It appeared the federal officers pelted the leftists with flash bangs and tear gas — and the leftists didn’t like it, no not one little bit.

“Bastards!” one hardcore radical hollered as he ran off into the night after appearing to get hit.

This pair appeared to be doing a little dance as they made their escape.

At the end of the day, antifa ran away like schoolgirls. They yelled insults at the federal agents but they did it as they were running away.

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