New Transportation Czar Pete Buttigieg Likes Taxing People for Driving

Posted by on January 23, 2021 9:03 pm

The failed Presidential Candidate failed mayor of a small town, Democrat Pete Buttigieg, was sworn in as the Transportation secretary this week. The most important thing to him about the moment was that he got to promote his homosexuality at the national level as a historic “first,” he said, one that gives him “hope” for the future.

Is that what getting into office to “serve” the American people means to him?

Is it ok to say that using public office to promote personal agendas is not cool. No one cares that Buttigieg is gay.  We have all heard of his gayness for a very long time, and no one cared.  And no one cares now.

So his first concern is his photo with his husband.


And secondly, come his ideas about “building back better” the US economy with a tax scheme that involves taking money from Americans for using transportation.

We have a real chance to deliver for the American people—to build our economy back, better than ever, and the

@USDOT can play a central role in this,” Buttigigue told the US Senate in his confirmation hearing.
In other words, the socialists will save their jobs and build Government jobs for their friends by taxing Americans more, not just rich Americans, but Americans who drive their cars.

“New tax on number of miles you drive? Incoming Transportation Secretary Buttigieg likes the idea. Buttigieg endorsed moving to a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) system as a presidential candidate,” John Solomon’s Just the News reported.


Yes, more and new taxes for simply driving the car that is heavily taxes already.  But that isn’t mean, like President Donald J. Trump’s tweets, because Buttigeie is a cute and smiling homosexual, who has broken the glass ceiling for himself by having his husband by his side,  and nothing is mean about stealing from the poor to give to the rich, right?

Just The News continues:

“Incoming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has suggested taxing Americans for the number of miles they drive, a policy he endorsed as a Democratic presidential candidate.

The Biden Administration is actively searching for ways to fund its ambitious $1 trillion infrastructure plan.”

Much of the political fight for the Presidency come down to who got to control the infrastructure plan because the left plans to use that opportunity to turn American into a socialist utopia where they will get to recreate the United States into a sort of Wizzard of Oz meets the Gardens of Babylon, and an opportunity to assert their personal desire to rule with stubborn Americans falling into compliance with their Green New Deals.

And it begins with taxing Americans more, and it ends with total domination of socialists over free enterprise by way of massive regulations.

The same regulations that President Trump was pushing away and cutting. So now people may begin to understand why the left really hates Trump and Trump supporters, why the left resents freedom, and why they want to force us into compliance as their first step, taxing the air, we breathe with the Paris New Deal and Taxing the miles we Drive with the Green New Deal.

We have to accept it, the left does not like the “emissions” we put out called “The Truth”, and they will tax us or censor us or try to rebuild us until they get their demands met. It is like a giant game of “Capture the Flag”, and we need to get ready because 2022 is coming fast.

If anyone didn’t understand that liberty takes eternal vigilance to minor and defend, they would learn it when their wallet is empty again.


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