Cultural Marxism Makes Stupid Things Look Sexy, Like Bernie Sanders Mittens

Posted by on January 24, 2021 12:04 am

Hundreds of Millions of times have shared the witty memes of twice-failed Presidential candidate and Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders sitting at Democrat Joe Biden’s Inauguration, wearing big huge fuzzy grandma hand knit Grandma mittens.

But the story of the Mittens is sad for proponents of free enterprise, and if the left loves the small business so much, why don’t they support policies that protect the small business? Could we come together as Americans and all love small businesses?  Sadly, that just never happens.

Instead, the left to vote for and celebrate Socialism, which kills small businesses while celebrating handmade mittens’ images.  It is madness.

Cultural Marxism is the art of shaping an unpopular narrative, like socialism is wonderful,  to promote a Marxist mindset. The State should own all business and comfort Marxists that they are popular and cool.

Virtue Signaling is the act of publically displaying the personal acceptance of Cultural Marxism. Think of it as a religion.

Author Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist pointed out the freakish fake virtue signaling over the Mittens:

“Making the mittens was village resident Jen Ellis, a second-grade teacher at Westford School who’s spent some time of her own in Montpelier as she began her elementary education career by teaching first grade at Union Elementary School,” reported, in a story about the origins of Sander’s magical mittens.

By now, many have heard about the news, while Sanders was enjoying his moment of royalty, the Mitter Maker, Ellis, was out of business:

Sanders’ image in these handmade mittens that appear to be almost as big as his head, has been used to both virtue signal for the left and mock Sanders on the right.

In fact, Twitter made the image of Sanders immediately trending, and then Mainstream Media jumped in with stories of the mitten’s brilliance and sex appeal. Then leftist Grassroots Marketing Platforms by the Thousands pushed the sexy story out to hundreds of thousands of readers to promote on their timelines as a priority, and cultural phenomena were instantly created.

And then Sanders and his mittens became instant celebrities.

And some on the right saw the utter ridiculousness of the whole thing and started digging for a way to explain their point of view- the Mittens are not sexy, they are a sign of a poor economy and a lack of government interest in small business- so stop it.

The truth of the mittens would be funny if it were not for being tragic.

“It was a matter of hours before mitten mania took social media by storm after a photo of Sen. Bernie Sanders, casually sitting during Wednesday’s inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, was widely shared.

In the picture, Sanders is seen with his right leg draped over his left, and his arms crossed over his lap. But it’s not his disposable mask, Burton jacket, or Uniqlo pants that have garnered so much attention. It’s the mittens he’s wearing,” the local news reported.

Steven Hayward for Powerline wrote, perfectly, in his piece on the silly and tragic story of Bernies Magical Mittens:


Joe Biden was the supposed “moderate” in the Democratic field, but 72 hours in, is there anything Pres. Biden has done so far that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have done just as fast? Perhaps it is more than symbolic that the leading image that emerged from the inauguration is Bernie sitting alone in a folding chair with his mittens like the wizard-figure he’s become in the Democratic Party, even though he’s not a Democrat! In other words, the Biden Administration is shaping up to be “Weekend at Bernie’s [Commune].” At least Lady Gaga didn’t wear her famous meat dress from the 2010 MTV Music Awards.”

Visit his page for a list of the memes.  Excellent article.

With the left it is really just one hoax after the next:




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