How You Know When The Left Are “Useful Idiots” for Iranian Mullahs

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Some Americans have been warning for decades about the damage that will be done to American liberty and freedoms with the outright encouragement and enabling of murderous foreign regimes who do not share our cultural values and traditions.

Activists have spoken about what would happen to the American public supporting regimes like Iran. For 8 years of Democrat Barack Obama’s outright funding of terrorist organizations, we got a glimpse of the disaster. Now with Democrat Joe Biden, we are back to where we started.

The left has yet to meet an authoritarian system they rejected.  They collectively idolize brutal dictators and power mongers because they love power and the idea of using power over others.  It is a pernicious addiction of theirs to control free people that leaves Americans in disarray.

The soft American mind, which is easily persuaded by Cultural Marxism and the need to feel popular, makes it nearly impossible to safeguard our strong Republic to promote human liberty around the world.

But the left doesn’t care about those issues. They care about personal power. Those same people often succumb to the power binges of the people they promoted, and that person is called a “Useful Idiot“.

I call on you @IlhanMNand @AOCto share this message, please. The Islamic Republic’s supreme leader said on Twitter that women in the west get raped just because they don’t wear a hijab. It means we do women deserve to get raped if we don’t cover our hair. #Metoo,” an Iranian activist pleased with the further left corners of American politics, Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Would the far left darlings who campaigned on virtue signaling about Me Too care?  No.

Numerous members of the American House of Reps. The US Senate and Judiciary are Communist and Marxist sympathizers and make a lot of money to open the halls of power to murderous regimes, such as Iran, who have funded world wide death and mayhem funded by US Taxpayers.

One Mullah made a move a little too far and broadcast their hatred of President Donald J. Trump on Friday.

CNBC Reported on Saturday:

“The website of Iran’s Supreme Leader on Friday carried the image of a golfer resembling former President Donald Trump apparently being targeted by a drone alongside a threat of revenge over last year’s killing of a top Iranian general in a U.S. drone attack.

The image first appeared on a Persian-language Twitter feed that linked to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s website.

Underneath the website pictures were remarks by Khamenei in December ahead of the first anniversary this month of the killing of military commander General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, which was ordered by Trump.

“Both the murderers and those who ordered it should know that revenge may come at any time,” said the comments on top of the image, which showed the shadow of a drone looming over the lone golfer. Trump, who regularly plays golf, was not named.”

The timeline had been taken down, with Twitter and the Leftist Media like Washington Post running interference saying the account was “fake”.  See?  It wasn’t really Mullah’s fault; he was Hacked or something like that.

Some people said that Twitter did not do enough to stop the violence that the Murderous regime organized, at times using Twitter as a platform.

“Hey, @Jack, I am a woman from a country where using @Twitteris a crime because of this dictator@khamenei_irI am from Iran. So simply a “criminal” is talking to you; please listen to me,” pleads Mashis Alinejad, an Iranian born humanitarian activist. 

Watch her plea to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, to take these accounts, which promote murder and unjust captivity of Iran’s people, seriously:

Other humanitarian activists demanded that Twitter consider the other Mullahs in the regime and move to strike them from Twitter. Jonathan Greenblatt posted that Khamenei had 6 or more other accounts that were still up and operating

The left does not care about Human Liberty’s issues, and all of their virtue signaling now about concern for violence is ridiculous. At the same time, they ignore the real violence of very violent people.


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