CELEBRATION: Sarah Sanders Is Running for Governor of Arkansas

Posted by on January 25, 2021 9:03 pm

Very popular Former Press Secretary for President Donald J. Trump, Sarah Sanders, announced on Monday that she is running for Governor of Arkansas.

Donald Trump’s former chief spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced on Monday that she’s running for Arkansas governor in 2022. Huckabee Sanders’ father, Mike Huckabee, was Arkansas governor from 1996-2007,” reported @KIRO7Seattle.

Sanders released a video on her social media:

“Violence is not who we are as Americans. To remain free, we must have law and order. The radical left’s socialism and canceled culture will not heal America. I will not retreat, I will not surrender, and I will not bow down to the radical left, not now, not ever.”

From her campaign website:

“Little Rock, AR — Sarah Huckabee Sanders today announced her candidacy for Governor of Arkansas. In a video, Sanders noted the important role our governor will have defending Arkansans with the radical left now in control of Washington and outlined her vision for increasing freedom, security, and prosperity in our state. Included here are some key excerpts, or you can click here to watch the announcement video.

Defending Arkansans
“Everything we love about America is at stake – and with the radical left now in control of Washington – your governor is your last line of defense. In fact, your governor must be on the frontline…Our state needs a leader with the courage to do what’s right – not what’s politically correct or convenient…So today, I announce my candidacy for governor of Arkansas and ask for your prayers and support.”

Freedom and Civility
“I was the first White House press secretary to require Secret Service protection because of a credible violent threat against me. We’ve seen violence in our streets, at a Congressional baseball practice, and in our Capitol. This is not who we are as Americans. To remain free, we must have law and order and resolve our differences peacefully. The radical left’s ‘solution’ is to impose government control and censorship from the top down. But their socialism and cancel culture will not heal America – it will only further divide and destroy us…I will defend your right to be free of socialism and tyranny, your second amendment right to keep your family safe, and your freedom of speech and religious liberty.”

A New Generation of Leadership
“The real test of a leader is not the way you handle the issues you know are coming – it’s rising to the moment in a crisis you can never plan for. I have been tested under fire, successfully managing one crisis after another in one of the most difficult, high-pressure jobs in all of the government… enduring relentless attacks, but getting the job done…As your governor, I will not be intimidated by the serious challenges we face. I will courageously lead.”

“I will stand with our brave law enforcement officers…prohibit sanctuary cities…and fight back against the radical environmental policies like the Green New Deal that threaten to destroy so many jobs. I will take on the bureaucracy, reduce the cost and size of government, and make it accountable to you. I will lower the state income tax to reward hard work, allow our businesses to compete, grow, and prosper, and create more good jobs. I will champion good schools and good teachers but also offer more choices to parents of kids in failing schools. Every child must have the opportunity of a quality education – and no child should ever be trapped in a life of poverty and despair.”

“We will succeed, but only if we hold the line against the attacks on our freedom and push forward with fresh ideas under a new generation of leadership… As governor, I will defend our freedom and lead with heart…”

The news of her candidacy was welcomed with great enthusiasm by many of Trump’s favorite Twitter posters:

Donald Trump Jr. posted, “Let me know how I can help @SarahHuckabee! You’re going to win, and you will be great!”

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz posted a link to Sanders’ campaign site in support of her candidacy.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posted,” worked with @SarahHuckabee I’m all in to support her campaign to become next governor of Arkansas. Integrity and hard work. Take it from a Kansan — she will do Arkansans a good turn!”


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