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The CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell has hired Charles Harder for his lawsuit against The Daily Mail for defamation of character.

The paper accused Lindell of having a nine-month affair with Jane Krakowski.

Lindell claims that he has never met Krakowski and has never been to either the Hamptons and The Village in New York City.

He says he has never been to either place. He is suing for an undisclosed amount.

Lindell has skipped the usual call for a retraction, saying that the articles are spurious and false and hurts not only his image but the Drug program that he runs.

His choice of Harder seems to be a good choice. He represented Hulk Hogan in a lawsuit that put Gawker out of business. He has also represented Donald Trump in the past.

It looks like Mike Lindell is after blood and he is liable to get it.

Lindell said:

“They’ve done so much damage to my reputation… I’m not just going for a demand letter or a retraction, I want to go after them with a lawsuit because they have damaged my integrity as a Christian and my network to help addicts everywhere.”

Harder said:

“Mike Lindell has never met Jane Krakowski.” The Daily Mail asked him to comment on a possible story that the two had secretly dated.  He immediately told them he had never heard of her, and it was a ‘fake news story. The Daily Mail then recklessly published its false story, and defamed him in the process—falsely saying he gave her champagne and liquor. He is a recovering addict, and runs Lindell Recovery Network.  Mr. Lindell plans to sue the Daily Mail.”

The Daily Mail said that Lindell met Krakowski while filming a show and that the two carried on a secret nine month affair. The article claims that the affair was an open secret and that Krakowski’s friends could not understand why the far left actress would be in an affair with a Trump supporter. The two allegedly broke up during a trip the exclusive Hamptons. Lindell says he has never even been to the Hamptons ever.

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