IMAGINE: Jill Biden Goes “Mommie Dearest” Over FLOTUS Trump’s Elegant Rose Garden Renovations

Posted by on January 27, 2021 12:03 am

The Biden Family has uncovered for the American people how unsophisticated and bitter they are in numerous ways. Still, perhaps the pettiest and most embarrassing way is how they are using their access to the White House to be disgraceful toward the People’s House.

Apparently, the Biden’s see their residency at the People’s House as a way of sowing discord among the American people.

An official White House press statement  from Tuesday, for adults, read:

“Woof Woof Woof, (many times) AWoof.  Translation from Canine. We love it here, that White House. All the Hoomans are petting us and giving us noms. Earlier, we took a nap in Oval Pawfice.. ”

I can’t even go on; this is so ridiculous. Basically, the dogs are going to rip up the Rose Garden.  Isn’t that cute?

It shows that on the first day at the White House, the most important thing the Bidens could think of to do was have their dogs rip up the Rose Garden that was recently renovated and has not even been allowed to come into full bloom yet.

That is what the Biden’s think of their stewardship of the White House residency.  It is just a means for bitter personal revenge, sort of like they approach many things, with themselves in mind, and a place to express their personal feelings.

What an embarrassing and shameful way for them to behave in front of Americans and in front of the world.

An account to promote that they are dog owners, which is some secret virtue signaling for them, is being used to harass, taunt and mock the American people and it is outrageous, and frankly, it is trashy.

The Bidens are childish, unserious, and immature in this attack on the supporters of President Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania, which shows how resentful the Democrats are, who are egging this type of behavior on.  Talk about poor “winners”.

The hysterical and childish drama over renovations and updates by First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Melania Trump, of the aging and overgrown White House Rose Garden has been ongoing by the resistance movement exhausting and pathetic display on social media since before the Rose Garden was finished.

Personally, all I could imagine was Jill out in the Rose garden-like a scene from Mommie Dearest, unhinged, drunk, and out of control, ripping up a rose garden in a fit of mania:

Do you see it?  Can you imagine that Democrats are this obsessed?  What in the world is wrong with these people? Am I the only one asking myself that? Do their jealous attacks never end?

I wrote about the leftish bizarre obsessions with the elegant, sophisticated, and graceful FLOTUS Trump here:

It is unclear what exactly the Bidens hope to gain by having their ego dramas played out in front of Americans, who are still dealing with over almost a year of locks downs, bankruptcy, illness, and massive loss of civic pride and freedom of movement.  The Bidens should be ashamed of themselves.



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