Just In: Another Capitol Cop Present At Riot Is Found Dead From Suicide

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It sure is a strange and terrifying time to be alive.

I was not at the rally at the Capitol and obviously we condemn in the strongest terms the people who broke into the Capitol building as well as the use of lethal force on that female AF veteran who later passed away.

The entire ordeal (not Trump’s speech) at the Capitol itself has been a terrible moment for our country.

I think there were many people at the rally, the majority of the people there, had the best of intentions, however, there were enough bad actors there to cause serious trouble.

Regardless of your thoughts on the events at the Capitol, and I understand everyone sees the events differently, one thing can not be denied, the federal government has used the event to clamp down on our rights with incredible speed.

There are a few things about the incident that left me scratching my head. For one, the Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund resigned.

Two: ‘Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood, 51, who died by suicide on Jan. 9′.  he too was present at the Capitol fiasco.

Three: Fox News is reporting:

‘MPD Acting Chief Robert Contee said Army staff hesitated in sending National Guard, citing ‘optics of boots on the ground at the Capitol’

A second police officer who responded to the U.S. Capitol riot has died by suicide, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Acting Chief Robert J. Contee told Congress Tuesday.

Contee, delivering testimony to the House Appropriations Committee, also described a “tepid response” from the Army, which he claimed was concerned over optics of having boots on the ground and was reluctant to send in D.C. National Guard, even as a violent mob overran the protective measures at the Capitol.

During the height of the incident on Jan. 6, approximately 850 Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) members were at the Capitol to assist U.S. Capitol Police, and by the day’s end, an additional estimate of 250 MPD members had been in the area to directly support the response and aftermath, Contee said.’

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