Bannon Talks to ‘Reddit Rebels” About Unified Populist Revolt Versus DC UniParty

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Steve Bannon is a one-time Goldman sacs investment banker who has been covering the “Reddit Rebels” and their involvement in a Populist revolt against the established Government order on Wall Street. He perfectly explains the Government’s abuse of power from the top and how it impacts the least powerful person because of his background.

“This is not venture capitalism. This is adventure capital, and people have to be cautious getting in this because people will lose money,” Bannon said, reminding the average Americans that no one is going to bail them out if they lose money in investments.

“We want the little guy to have access to a piece of the action.  We can structure the system so that people are not out fighting the world for a job. We want free access to Capitalism, not to end Capitalism. The Millenial Generation and Gen Z are Russian surfs, and we want them to have opportunity,” Bannon said.

Going viral in the news this week is Democrat Joe Biden’s administration, led by wealthy Janet Yellen, who has put a halt to some investing by some people and has thereby delineated a “peasant class,” literally shutting some Americans out of investment opportunities, in favor of enriching very wealthy well connected corporate leaders.

That is the foundation of a populist revolt from marginalized people on both the political left and political right, who are now confronting unified, wealthy, and established “Uni party: in DC who are actively working to shut people out of opportunities.

“We are trying to bend the arc of history here,” Bannon said on the War Room.

And this is how he will do bend it, by rescuing the peasants the uni party has created, and he is doing it in his customary seismic methods.

Check out his website:

“Stephen K. Bannon tells the unwashed millennial and Gen Z masses to embrace their vote for Biden and what it got them: Russian serfdom. “The system is in your grill,” he said. “And now you see it in all its glory.”

Bannon explains how the hedge funds trying to take out GameStop is all tied together.

“You see the way the system works,” Bannon said. “The uniparty in Washington, D.C. and the cartel in Wall Street of the hedge funds and investment banks, all of that stuff about their politics? It’s pro-wrestling. It’s all in the foreground. When it gets down to what counts, their making of money, and you are underwriting them.”

Visit War Room for the clip of Bannon and full article:


“The working class is on both sides of this trade; the rich are still going to be rich after this settles.  Shorting is part of the Wall Street system.  This trade shows the arrogance and laziness of the new aristocracy in the government that shields their cronies.  They are a failed elite; they will get bailed out.  The working class, the Reddit Rebels, don’t get a bailout.   And this isn’t Donald Trump’s fault,” Bannon said on his podcast on Friday.

The elite changed the rules when they were losing,” Bannon said, explaining the halt on GameStop stock.

Bannon, a champion of the “Blue Collar workers,” often talks about the “America First” agenda of President Donald J. Trump, which places him at odds with the established Government “uniparty” who are using their positions in DC to protect their own wealth, even if they have to shut others out.

Jack Posebeic, an OANN anchor, read a moving post on WarRoom Pandemic on Friday that perfectly describes the fuel for the Populist revolt that Bannon and his team talk about on the show.

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