Populist: Rep. Lauren Boebert Wants Explanations from Robinhood About Stock Halt

Posted by on January 29, 2021 6:04 pm
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A major story this week comes from the financial sector. It should ignite an awareness campaign around the country with all Americans who care about the future of their civil liberties because Democrat Joe Biden appears to be leading a group of Democrats who are rewarding big corporations and squeezing the independent Americans, who are trying to make some legal money on the stock market.

US Rep Lauren Boebert from Colorado, a favored target of far-left radical Nancy Pelosi, made a plea on Twitter for Congress to consider investigating Robinhood and anyone else involved with the GameStop halt this week.

Boebert causes the far left representatives in Congress to show their tyrannical underpinnings by carrying her gun into Washington DC.  The far-left speaker of the House has been trying to disarm Boebert and punish her since early January.

Now Boebert wants to investigate what has caused this giant push back, this halting of stock sales, to unfold that shut some Americans out of the process of making money, which well-connected people enjoying still.

The pushback against the government and financial establishment has exposed the corruption of Wall Street to be exposed. Big Tech has joined in against the little guys by erasing negative reviews.


A yet verified story has gone viral, which, if proved true, will cause the ‘Reddit Rebels” to reach historic fame:

“Fueled by the “WallStreetBets” Reddit forum, GameStop’s market value has risen over 466% this week.

Thursday morning, Robinhood, one of the top free trading apps, put restrictions on trading $GME (GameStopCorp.) This action was immediately met with backlash across the internet. One Reddit user, Odin19199, claiming to be an employee of Robinhood, stated that the company was pressured to halt GameStop trading by Sequoia Capital and the White House. These allegations have not been independently confirmed by Breaking911. 

In the post, he alleges that he overheard that “Vladimir, yes founder Vladimir [Tenev], and the C-Suite, received calls from Sequoia Capital and the White House that pressured into closing trading on GME.”

The user then goes on to state that he has information and documentation regarding the situation that he is planning to provide to Project Veritas and lawyer Glen Greenwald.”

So if this story is true, we should find out about it. Again, we do not have proof that this story is true. However, the events around the halt should be investigated because nothing illegal happened to cause the halt.

By Friday, RobinHood shut down “Reddit Rebels” from crypto trading, revealing a further denial.

The Free Market is under attack in America right now. Watch for a Reddit group called “Wall Street Bets.”

To complicate matters, Democrat Janet Yellen, a part of Joe Biden’s administration, has received over $800,000 in speaking fees from Citadel, which benefits from over 60% of Robinhood’s referrals.

In other words, Citadel is making money off of Robinhood’s trades.

Boebert is joined by Donald Trump Jr. and others in calling for an investigation.

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