Mask Rage: Marxist Dem Cori Bush Busted for Lying About Populist Marjorie Taylor Green

Posted by on January 30, 2021 3:03 am
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When Black Lives Matter is normalized and mainstreamed and given a set of honor in Washington DC, expect a lot of drama to take over a civilized institution, and there is no better evidence than this story about a Marxist at war with a Populist to show people.

“Now that @CoriBushwas caught berating me on camera and then caught lying about it weeks later, will she admit that just she made it up to get a better office?” Majorie Taylor Bush wrote on Twitter.

As typical with the far left, they use their imagined victimhood to attack people harass, and malign other people with whom they disagree.

Democrat Marxist, BLM member-turned US representative Cori Bush is a victim again, at least in her mind, while she has been on a relentless attack against US Representative Majorie Taylor Green.

Bush used the cover of “face masks” to be inappropriate, unprofessional, and strike out in emotionally bombastic personal attack against her political opponent, and it was caught in the video.

In the following video, US Representative Marjorie Taylor Green is talking about the violent riots of Black Lives Matter and the damage the groups caused the country over the summer months when a vulgar person is heard yelling at Green about wearing a mask.

Green lifts up her mask and yells back.

Bush posted a deceitful post on Twitter claiming that Green escalated the situation, when in fact, it was Bush’s staff who had been the original source of the conflict.

In typically fashing, Bush claimed she was the victim and needed to run and hide.

Bush is a racist BLM activist who often posts unseemly and unfounded accusations about “white people” and about matters that have not even been investigated, denying people any semblance of due process rights.

And her version of the event was an outright lie, which she used to harass and intimidate Green.

Green claimed, “On Jan. 13 — after members tested positive for COVID-19 after being locked down with her on Jan. 6 — Marjorie Taylor Greene came up from behind me, loud and unmasked. I called out to her to put hers on. Her staff yelled at me, “Stop inciting violence with Black Lives Matter.”

Bush then slandered and defamed Green on MSNBC and outright lied to the people.

This is not an isolated set of lies for Bush, who was hysterical on Jan.6th and claimed other members of the House were harassing her, is using her victimology as an excuse to overthrow the people’s duly elected representative, calling for Taylor to be removed from Congress, without a trial.

Yet- when it is her “people,” then being a revolutionary is “good,” as displayed in this post about the criminal revolutionary. Recall Davis was involved as a militant in an armed conflict against the United States where four people lost their lives.  But that is good. That is cool.

And typical for Marxists, they use race as a constant hammer to push Communismt domination over American Free markets, with completely made up victimhood.

For as long as Bush is in office, expect to see never-ending lies, deceit, and nonsense come from her office while she attacks conservative populists. This woman is a radical, far-left Marxist.

A woman who is sitting in a seat of power in the US House of Representatives, behaving the way she behaves and celebrating the people she celebrates, attacking people over her perceived victimhood after attacking people in the Halls of Congress, and causing riots have no room for talking about how police are killing her.

Wake up, America.

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