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You have to wonder how some people get to be so out of touch sometimes.  Take Mike Pence for example.

If I were Mike Pence I would be off with my family, out of the public eye, not even thinking of popping my head out in public again for a very, very long time.

Republicans don’t like Pence and Democrats hate everyone who isn’t a full fledged communist … Hmmmm, maybe Pence is switching parties? JK

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘In the the morning on January 6th we noted Vice President Mike Pence would end the day in history branded as a hero or a traitor to his country.  We now know that answer.

At noon on January 6th, while the President was speaking to a million patriots in the Capital, VP Pence released his own memo explaining why he was overlooking the corruption and election fraud which ended up stealing the election from President Trump, his boss, and the American people:

Pence is good at stabbing Americans in the back.  He began his quest early into the Trump Administration when he colluded with the Deep State in finagling the resignation of General Michael Flynn.  Pence was right in the middle of the entire made-up event to get rid of General Flynn:

Pence for some reason filled his staff with people who hated President Trump.’

Pence even hired people who had been working under Peter Strzok … yes, you read that right.

Now, all of a sudden, showing how dumb Pence thinks that you and I are, he lets this leak out there …

According to NBC News:

Former Vice President Mike Pence is beginning to build a political future without Donald Trump, including making plans to form a policy-focused fundraising committee that would help him maintain a relationship with donors, according to multiple sources familiar with his plans.

Pence, who left Washington and took a post-inauguration vacation with his wife in St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, ahead of resettling in Indiana, is expected to announce his new venture in the coming weeks, sources said.

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