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Look, this is it folks, we live under the thumb of authoritarian communists.

No, they have no completely consolidated their power, but you can get your hind quarters that they will soon enough and when that day comes … LOOK OUT

The Gateway Pundit reported:

How many times can you say ‘outrageous’ in one year?  Last year set the record.

As Americans are standing in the ashes resulting from the greatest steal in world history – the stolen 2020 election for Joe Biden – the penalties for the Deep State’s prior greatest crime became known. 

There will be no prison time for anyone involved in the coup to remove President Trump from office using the totally dishonest and manipulated Russia collusion sham investigation.

We reported on crime after crime related to the set up, lies and spying of President Trump and those around him. 

What is seldom said is that the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page was really put in place to spy on President Trump. 

Through the ability to look at multiple layers of a target’s contacts, the President and his Administration and family were all spied on.  This wasn’t about Carter Page as much as it was about spying on the President.  And of course Obama was behind it all:


But after years of looking into the attempted coup of another sitting American President, the end result is one indictment and probation for the guilty.  No prison, no court cases, no lost income in legal fees, no bankruptcies, no Big Media calling the accused liars and Russian spies and traitors, and certainly no hangings as is called for when treason is involved.  Nope, the whole scam is over with a guilty plea and probation:’

BREAKING: Former FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Sentenced to PROBATION After Falsifying Document in Trump Spygate Scandal

Now Paul Sperry, who exposed much of Spygate and is likely one of the most frustrated men in the nation after seeing NO ONE go to jail for trying to rig the 2016 election tweeted:

‘We no longer have govt of the People, by the People or for the People. We have govt of the Elite, by the Elite and for the Elite. We are losing our Republic to the crooks — in both parties. The People must rise up and take back their Republic before it becomes a banana republic’

Sperry went on:

‘We now have dirty FBI agents, dirty FBI attorneys &dirty FBI brass getting away w hard crimes. We have transparently dirty investigations, prosecutions & sentencings. We have prez candidates & presidents spied on by secret police. We have dirty elections. Everything’s politicized’

America is over, the 200 plus year in self governance has failed, and the most deviant, most cruel ended up with control yet again.

Considering no one is doing any time for TRYING to fix the 2016 election, you can bet your ass that not a single person will even be charged with successfully stealing the 2020 election.

Goodnight America, last one to be rounded up, turn out the lights.

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