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This is what happens when you spend your entire life being told that your parents are stupid and that, even though you have no experience in the world, you know all.

Omar, a refugee from a war torn s***hole, who the United States was gracious enough to save from the fate of her native land’s culture, so the quickest in Congress to crap on America.

The kid who allegedly married her brother to cheat the system, then magically becomes a Congresswoman and is still sour over this nation.  If I were her I would be overjoyed and thankful that America took me in … and embraced me!

Now, thinking that she is jumping on the ‘Wall Street Bets’ subreddit she is proposing a ‘solution’ to hit back at Wall Street …

Fox Business explained:

‘Rep. Ilhan Omar called for a new tax on stock trades after a battle between an army of amateur investors and hedge funds caused a dramatic swing in the share price of GameStop and other heavily shorted companies, shaking Wall Street.

GameStop shares, which were worth about $19 at the beginning of January, climbed as high as $483 last week, a price surge so dramatic that TD Ameritrade and Robinhood placed restrictions on trading of the brick-and-mortar video game retailer. After plummeting on Thursday, GameStop shares made a dizzying recovery on Friday after Robinhood — facing a public outcry — said it would reinstate some trading.

“A small tax – 0.1% – on each Wall Street trade would reduce high frequency trading, a practice which drains profits from retail investors and benefits only the very rich,” Omar tweeted last week.

Revenue from the tax, which she estimated would raise about $1 trillion, could be used to fund progressive policies such as eliminating student loan debt and providing free college, the “Squad” member said.’

That tax, I am sure, will apply to you and I too.  Taking a TRILLION dollars out of the economy, who’s GDP is only around 20 Trillion total.

Take a wild guess what more taxes will do to this economic engine of ours that is already stressed beyond stressed due to the tyrannical lockdowns …. CRRRRRAAAASSSHHHHH.

She invokes the Great Depression while trying to sell policies that would usher in a new one! It’s incredible!

If you want to hurt the pigs on Wall Street, not the honest guys trying to build up business and make a living, but the pigs who try to short things out of existence … look into buying silver.

I’m not a financial expert and this isn’t financial advice, but personally, I am buying silver.

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