Plaintiffs Drop KKK Case Against Kyle Rittenhouse, Media Swoops in To Find Him Guilty of the ‘OK’ Sign

Posted by on February 1, 2021 6:03 pm

Business Insider reported, “Kenosha County prosecutors are seeking a modification to Kyle Rittenhouse’s bail conditions after he was reportedly spotted out and about with members of the Proud Boys.”

During the outing, the 18-year-old also reportedly flashed the “OK” hand sign, known as the “white power” gesture in certain circles and generally applies to any non-leftist.

Though prosecutors have admitted that none of these things are bail violations, they are moving to modify the bail to ensure he’s not able to engage in such behaviors or fraternize with certain people again, to appease the public who is fed a constant stream of hatred and fear porn.

Rittenhouse posted a $2 million bail in November after facing charges of killing two people during an August riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


KanoshaNews reported on Friday:

“The plaintiffs in a civil suit filed against Kyle Rittenhouse, Facebook, and the Kenosha Guard dropped their suit this week.”

The suit, filed in September, had sought to use Reconstruction-era federal law inspired by the rise of the Ku Klux Klan to seek damages from Rittenhouse; the Kenosha Guard militia and its “commander” Kevin Mathewson; the Boogaloo Bois, a far-right, antigovernmental organization; and a West Bend man who identified himself to the media as a member of the Boogaloo Bois and said he was in Kenosha during the August protests.

The suit alleged that Facebook was negligent in allowing Mathewson and the Kenosha Guard to put out a call for militia members to come to the city and alleged that the defendants had conspired to violate their civil rights.

Plaintiffs in the suit included Hannah Gittings, Silver Lake resident Anthony Huber’s girlfriend, one of two men killed in the Rittenhouse shootings on Aug. 25. Also, named plaintiffs were three people at the protests who said they were harassed and threatened by militia members.

“Jason Flores-Williams, the attorney for the plaintiffs, filed a notice of dismissal with prejudice this week. Being dismissed with prejudice means it was dismissed permanently and will not be refiled. The notice does not explain withdrawing the suit. “In concluding the case, we have agreed to no comment,” Flores-Williams said in an email.

According to his social media, Flores practices law in the United States and Mexico, and there is no mention of the case:

Online rumors were a spat between parties, and they all disengaged, causing the lawsuit to fall apart.

The Media has been stalking Rittenhouse and taking photos of him, or spying on him, in what is sure to give how lawyers plenty of information to get the entire case against him dropped at some point.

Rittenhouse’s media detractors have slandered and defamed Rittenhouse accusing him of being a racist because he uses what they have deemed is a “White Power” hand gesture, which only counts as a White Power hand gesture when someone the media want to smear the person who does it- otherwise the hand gesture is overlooked.

Such is the case with Democrat Joe Biden’s press secretary:

THIS IS OK.. and goes unnoticed.

But it is not OK for Rittenhouse.

The Blaze reported on Monday, “Prosecutors want to change Kyle Rittenhouse‘s bail conditions after he was reportedly seen legally drinking with ‘Proud Boys,’ flashing ‘white power‘ sign,”

That is what we called double standards.  Besides that, if they weren’t able to paint Rittenhouse with the KKK lawsuit, the media must prove he is a racist and guilty in other ways.

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