Capitol Cops: It’s OK To Shoot UNARMED Trump Supporters, 0 Riots, Looting or ‘Protests’

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Somehow I should be surprised but somehow I’m not. But the policeman that authorities have yet to name has been cleared for shooting an unarmed woman inside the Capitol Building.

But let me ask you this. What would have happened if the woman he shot had been Black? What would have happened? There would be riots coast to coast and the officer would be facing life in prison or worse.

Now, it may have been a legal killing but I can’t post the video of the shooting because YouTube has taken it down saying that it is upsetting to some people.

I wonder what the cop that shot her made him think his life was in danger from an unarmed woman. And why have they not named the police officer?

If the victim were Black, it would be in the news cycle 24/7 for weeks.

Ashli Babbitt was a thirty-five-year-old veteran and Trump supporter was shot in the neck as she tried to climb through a broken window in the Capitol. As she was climbing through the window, a shot rang out and Babbitt who was hit in the neck crumpled up and died.

She was one of several protesters who died during the three-hour riot. Unlike riots by antifa and BLM, the police were not ordered to stand down.

From The Blaze

The incident was captured on video and has become a source of heated debate over those who accused the police officer of an improper use of force and those who emphasize the violent nature of the assault on Congress.

A day after the Capitol riot, the officer who shot Babbitt was placed on administrative leave and suspended from their official duties while the matter was investigated.

At least eight people who were at the Capitol rioting have died, including one officer who was lethally injured during the attack and three other demonstrators who experienced medical emergencies.

We may never get an explanation or know the name of the cop who fired the fatal shot.

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