Illegal Immigrants Terrified After Video Of US Military’s New Weapon Goes Mainstream

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Opinion | The United States Military has come up with an amazing system to help with our border crisis.

The Active Denial System has just been introduced by the Military and political commentator Glenn Beck says it’s the answer to our problems.

The Active Denial System (ADS) has been a debate for over a decade, so you may have heard about it by now. The non-lethal deterrent has been labeled the “pain ray.”

The device is a directed energy weapon that looks relatively harmless.

The weapon’s vehicle looks less like a military vehicle and more like a broadcasting truck.

The ADS was designed for area denial, perimeter security, and crowd control. It is capable of causing extreme discomfort from a half mile away without causing lasting damage.

“The ADS works by projecting a focused beam of 3.2mm wave electromagnetic radiation at a human target. This heats the water and fat molecules on the skin, causing their temperature to rise by up to 50C (122 degrees Fahrenheit).” 

When the ADS was tested on people, they described it as feeling like a “hot grill being opened up.”

Watch the test below:

The immediate reaction everyone had was to turn and run away from the beam and the extremely uncomfortable heat they felt under their skin.

The Pentagon released some FAQ explaining why the ADS is needed.

First, it is the first non-lethal weapon that reaches a greater range than current non-lethal weapons in use.

The Pentagon continued, “Most counter-personnel non-lethal weapons use kinetic energy (rubber rounds, bean bags, etc.). A kinetic-based system has a higher risk of human injury, and its effectiveness varies in relation to the size, age and gender of the target.

The Active Denial System, however, is consistently effective regardless of size, age and gender and has a range greater than small-arms range. The Active Denial System will provide military personnel with a non-lethal weapon that has the same effect on all human targets.” 

“The Active Denial System will support a full spectrum of operations ranging from non-lethal methods of crowd control, crowd dispersal, convoy and patrol protection, checkpoint security, perimeter security, area denial, and port protection, as well as other defensive and offensive operations from both fixed-site or mobile platforms,” The Pentagon states. 

This would be an extremely effective way to deter massive caravans from reaching the US borders. Glenn Beck tweeted out his agreement, saying that it was the “best idea for the border I have seen yet.”

It has been reported that there are some ways that the weapon could be misused. If, by human error or purposely used incorrectly, it could cause second and third-degree burns. Snow, rain and fog can also limit its effectiveness.

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